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Just how far is too far for Glenn Beck? See link.

Asked by Rufus_T_Firefly (3812points) May 31st, 2010

Apparently he holds a different set of standards for anyone other than himself. He spent a good portion of his program mocking 11-year-old Malia Obama in an attempt to berate her father, the President of the United States, for his imagined ineffectiveness in solving BP’s oil drilling dilemma in the Gulf of Mexico. Didn’t Beck already make frequent assertions that families should be off-limits? See link for details.

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The guy is a real pig.

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There is no “how far can he go” standard for Glenn Beck. He is an ignorant, mouthy fearmonger and hatemonger.

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Well, he apologised for that. Whether he meant it, well, flip a coin.
What I find funny is that he complained that people compare the Arizona law to Nazism, when he does it all the time on his show.

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@Silhouette – My feelings exactly.

@marinelife – Don’t ‘misunderestimate’ his cretinous ability to sink even lower. LOL

@ragingloli – Apology and intent aside, if he would go against something that HE himself preaches, then it would stand to reason that even he doesn’t agree all of the acid rhetoric he spews. That should be a stark lesson in reality to those who consider his every word to be truth.

Thanks to all for your answers.

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” Pay me and I’ll suck it.” Beck.

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I for one hope he gets even more crazy, the worse he gets, the more people abandon him and realize that he’s smearing shit on the walls crazy, the better for our society.

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@ dalepetrie – I think it’s happening right now and it could turn out to be quite amusing from a bystander’s point of view.

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People like that always self destruct eventually. Look at Morton Downey, Jr., arguably the godfather of the televised right wing screamathon machine, perfected by Rush Limbaugh and capitalized on by the likes of Beck, Hannity, Coulter, et. al. For a while the guy was a media sensation, but as he started to become more and more extreme, his audience began to see him more like a novelty, and before you knew it, the guy was carving swastikas in his head and blaming non-existent skinheads in order to create some cheap publicity. Where is he now? Dead from his own extremism. Screw what everyone says about smoking, I’m gonna chain smoke until I die from cancer. Well, he did, it was painful, and he regretted being so extreme. I can’t fucking WAIT to see what happens to the current batch of loudmouth extremists.

Disc2021's avatar – Lewis Black on Glenn Beck. It starts about a minute or so into the clip.

“The Peace Corps… SERIOUSLY! The fucking Peace Corps!!!” – Lol.

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@dalepetrie – Yeah, I remember when Morton Downey, Jr. first hit the airwaves. He was novel and fresh and topical and almost literally dared people to watch his program.

Then came the interim years when MD,Jr. underwent several oh-so-slight transformations and became, as you previously noted, a springboard for the likes of such shock-rockers as Jerry Springer, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Phil Donahue and Howard Stern. In his last season, Morton suffered what could only be described as a final and monumental Jekyll & Hyde metamorphosis resulting in an unexpected and utter meltdown. Now THAT was classic TV, but even he rarely infected or affected human thought processes in the negative way that Glenn Beck does now.

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@Disc2021 – My favorite part of Black’s rant is “You can’t spell Nazi without AZ!” LOL

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