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Why is this so hard for some people to understand about commercial license plates on their vehicle?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 31st, 2010

I have stopped many people that deliver pizzas. the only violation they are committing is the registration law. in my state, if you use your personal vehicle for business, you have to have a commercial license plate attached to your vehicle. many of the pizza delivery people could never understand this, since they use their own vehicle to deliver pizza. ” why can’t we keep our personalized license plate, instead of a commercial tag?” they asked. bottomline, it is a violation of registration in my state and they want the revenue. also, if the driver is involved in an auto accident, his personal auto insurance may cancel, if he did not notify them that his vehicle was being used to deliver pizza. so, is it really worth it to deliver pizza in your own vehicle?

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Of course it isn’t. But you try to get a job when you’re 17 from someone that has your best interests at heart. Young people are consistently exploited in the workplace. At what point do you think Pizza Hut recommended to Johnny that he get his license plate upgraded, or consult his insurance company about work vehicle insurance?

Personally, I think the law is bullshit. There are better people to steal “revenue” from than kids trying to afford prom tickets.

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Come on, really? This is what they spend their time doing? I got crack dealers standing down on the street corner. Anyone checking his vehicle parked down the street?

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“bottomline, it is a violation of registration in my state and they want the revenue.”

@john65pennington This is not meant to insult you, or even have a cheap dig at you, but it seems demeaning to me to have an officer of the law be a revenue collector.

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