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Is corn beef any good?

Asked by Val123 (12709points) May 31st, 2010

I’ve always thought it just sounded gross! I mean, what’s “corned” about it? I thought it must have something to do with creamed corned, and creamed corn is yucky! When I was a kid there was a comic strip character who was forever eating corned beef sandwiches, and bad things were always happening to him. So I developed my opinion at an early age, the name of it not with standing, and corned beef just wasn’t going to work for me all the way around!

However, today I was at the grocery store, waiting for the butcher to slice up a ham I had bought when my glance fell upon a package of corned beef. I took a closer look and it’s actually a piece of beef brisket, which is good stuff, and it was marinated in something. It looked quite good, actually.

So my question is, do YOU like corned beef? Dare I try it?

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I love corned beef! Especially when it still has a little fat on the top
It doesn’t really have to do anything with cream corn or any corn. It’s actually cured beef that’s from the briskets

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Peppercorns. Yes it’s good.

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I love it!
Been eating it the last couple of weeks every some days, after i hadn’t eat it for years.
Question: I (and more Dutchmen do so) pronounce it cornét beef.
Is that right or should it be corn(e)d beef?

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@rebbel Ah! So corn beef may be a take off from another word from another language that has nothing to do with corn!

@Silhouette Or…it has to do with pepper corns! Either way, I’m gonna try it!

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It’s quite good.

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I always (probably wrongly so) assumed that it had to do (the name) with the fact that the slices i bought have squared corners…, and i think i remembered when i was a kid i saw big square tins of it in the butchers.

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It’s absolutely horrible.

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I love it, but not with cabbage. Blech! I make it in the slow cooker with carrots, potatoes, and onions. So yummy!

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It’s corned beef & it’s not bad I suppose.My mum used to make a pie when we were kids, yummy mummy.

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I’m not a big fan, it tastes weird, but I guess you’re not really supposed to start chomping on it straight from the can…

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I love it, but would never eat it from a can.

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It is when I make it. I don’t like the canned stuff though.

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Oh, I love that stuff! Sometimes I’ll get some from the deli. I’ve never had it from a can.

I didn’t even know you could get it in cans!

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Corned beef is brisket that’s been cured in a brine solution. “Corned” comes from the coarse grains of salt used to cure it.

I like corned beef. Haven’t had it in ages. I also liked creamed corn. Rudy’s BBQ has an awesome cream corn.

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I would be shocked if the stuff found in a can is brisket, the thought makes me shiver, ew.

I have only ever had it from the hands of someone who knew what they were doing. I liked it. It wouldn’t be at the top of my list though. I prefer it’s brother: pastrami.

Alton Brown has a fun episode about corned beef.

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Maybe the canned stuff we’re talking about is corned beef HASH, which has potatoes in it. My mother used to make that when we were little, with a poached egg on top and the bottom all crispy from the pan. I still like that. And I make a New England Boiled Dinner every spring when the corned beef comes out for St Patrick’s Day: a brisket, simmered with potatoes, onions, carrots and cabbage (cabbage added in the last 10 minutes or it gets grey and mushy). Slice the beef on a big platter, surround with veg, offer horseradish and a good mustard. People who’ve never had it like it a lot.

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Corned beef is great as long as you add peppercorns, bayleaf, honey and a little bit of malt vinegar to the second water. Boil the beef for half an hour, empty out all of the water, fill up with fresh water (second water) and boil again. Best served with boiled (second water) onions, carrots and potatoes….. and mustard sauce. Beautiful. If you wish to store any that is left over put it back in the water or else it will dry out.

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@susanc No, when I mentioned the “canned stuff” I was talking about canned corn beef, not hash. I bought it once thinking I might actually make hash with it, but it was totally gross; I just threw it away.

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Speaking of the canned stuff…I went and looked up corned beef on the ‘net, and yeah. I remember now. It looks like corned spam, which is another reason I never wanted to try it!

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@Val123 Try going for a non-canned version.

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@Val123 Where I’m at you can get corned beef in a plastic pouch thing, along with a spice bag. I haven’t tried it yet, but I aim to give it a go at some point.

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@mrentropy I saw exactly that at the store yesterday, which is what prompted the question!

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@Val123 So it was :)
Well, you can wait until I try it (which is indeterminate of time right now) or go ahead and be adventurous.

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@mrentropy THAT’S a great idea! Better you than me sick! o. that wasn’t very nice, was it!

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@Val123 You and everyone else. No worries.

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@Val123 Worry not. I’m just having one of those days.

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I LOVE corned beef – if it is prepared right. I believe “corned” refers to the process of exposing the meat to acids like vinegar which causes a chemical reaction and starts to “cook” the meat without heat. It has absolutely nothing to do with corn the vegetable. Corned beef hash is what is more commonly found in a market in a can. This is actually a dish that is prepared using corned beef as one of the ingredients. In a can, it is usually “food-processerized” down into little bits rather than chunks of meat and mixed with potatoes and other flavoring. Some diners will serve their own ‘homemade’ corned beef hash, which can be pretty good. There is an Irish restaurant that makes ‘homemade’ corned beef and it is to die for. They were once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network I think.

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@Val123 Have you tried it?

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