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How do you say "It's not annoying!" in Japanese?

Asked by Haru (6points) May 31st, 2010

How do you say ‘It’s not annoying!” in Japanese?

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It could be urusakunai. That’s the negative of the i-adjective urusai.

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Ah, quick answers are never good. So urusakunai might be the word for not annoying but to actually say “It’s not annoying!” you might say anything from “uruasakunai yo!” to a friend or ”(sore wa) urusai ja arimasen”.

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“Urusai” can mean it is loud.
“Mendokusai ja nai” Can mean “it is not bothering me”. “It’s not troublesome”.

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…a little flight of fancy, if the mods permit, for earthduzt, merging this with another question How would one say “Sean Hannity really annoys me.” in Japanese? :)

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hey @MRSHINYSHOES good to see you here.

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動 (vkit) idegesít  [イデゲシート]  =  動 いらいらさせる This means annoying. So so just have to find the “It’s not” in japanese.


@lillycoyote Nice to see you too.

@worriedguy Domo too. Lol.

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