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Why are people so afraid of cellulite?

Asked by Facade (22902points) May 31st, 2010

The media loves to point out the cellulite on female celebrities as if it’s revolting. Where did this attitude come from? Most women have it. Some men have it. Every size of person can have cellulite.

How do you feel about it (if you have any feelings at all)?
Do you make an effort to cover up your cellulite? If so, what is your motivation?
Do you care if your SO has it?

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Because next to brains, I think it’s what Zombies like best.

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If you ask almost any woman out there, they will tell you they never want it and if they have it want to get rid of it. It doesn’t look nice, it takes away from the smoothness of the skin. However as you say the media doesn’t make anyone feel any better about it.

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I have to admit that I have very negative feelings about cellulite—not on other people, but on my own body. I work out 5 times per week, which keeps my skin and muscle tone in good condition. Cellulite isn’t the reason why I exercise—I do so to stay healthy—but cellulite prevention certainly is a nice side effect.

Well, my SO is a man, so cellulite isn’t an issue. For physical and hormonal reasons that are still being debated, cellulite seems to be an almost-exclusively female thing.

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@Primobabe Men have it as well. My dad has it.

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Well…I don’t strive to have it, but maybe it’s just been ingrained in me to find it unattractive? I wish the media didn’t find it appropriate to point out and make the person seem fat when anyone can have it.
Honestly, I never notice it on others. I also don’t really care if I have it. I’m young, and relatively small enough to wear a bikini. And the only person whose opinion matters to me is my own, and my husbands.

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@casheroo I think it has been ingrained in us. And it’s ridiculous.

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@Facade I’ve had “dimples” in my legs since I was a preteen. I call them dimples, I never knew why I had them..I’ve always been on the thinner side. But, I’ve grown to just not care. lol

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@casheroo Yea, exactly

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@facade That’s very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cellulite on a man. But, I don’t look closely at any man’s body except that of my husband, and he has no cellulite, so I’m no great authority!

I believe that there’s still quite a bit of disagreement, and no real conclusion, about what causes cellulite. Maybe there’ll be a valid explanation soon.

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Cellulite is not a medical condition. It is a term devised by the weight-loss industry to make woman feel badly about the natural way that fat and connective tissue interact to distribute subcutaneous fat around the buttocks and thighs in a dimpled pattern. You don’t see it as often on men because of sexually dimorphic differences in fat distribution, the strength of connective tissue, and the thickness and relative resilience of the dermis. It’s a scam. Don’t buy into it.

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I think celebrities get picked on the most because putting people down for anything sells magazines. If they pointed to an average woman and made fun of her cellulite than they would just be seen as mean. But celebrites aren’t viewed as average and so they are expected to keep their bodies in great shape or suffer the consequences of being targeted on a rag magazine. If they only talked about how great their bodies where or how happy of a marriage and career they had, then nobody would buy it. The public only feels better about their lives when they feel someone who should have it all, doesn’t. If its not cellulite its a big nose, bad teeth, bad break up, homosexual conspiracies, hookers, aids, stealing, speeding, fat butt, bad skin, drugs, alcohol, jail, rape accusations, you name it its going to be on a tabloid. Fat stars and cellulite are a must to selling tabloid. Plus ever notice, the moment they mention cellulite they have ads all over the place for cellulite remedies. Its just a hook with a worm and the public is the fish.

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It is because of the social matrix we live in that makes it abhorrent. I just heard a cellulite comment the other night towards a nice and attractive woman-its sick, that people judge the flesh first, and therefore the person inside is inferior as a result.
The flesh splashed across TV, billboard and magazines is what creates the nonsense-its all about money!
It is a problem, however in this society-the obesity and the need to eat crap all the time. Sure its nice to be physically fit, but people are not perfect, and never will be, unless we start cloning perfect people which I am sure is on the way.

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It can be pretty unattractive. It gives a lumpy, cottage-cheese like texture to your body, rather than smooth and tight. I mean, it exists in varying degrees. Some cellulite is natural and not offensive looking. I’m quite thin, but I’ve got a big butt and have some cellulite right underneath it. It bugs me a little (to the point where I’ll be slightly envious of girls with not a trace of it on their bodies), but not enough to really do anything about it. I suppose I could work out and firm it up a bit, but mehh.

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I don’t think people are afraid of it, rather they dislike it, on themselves that is.Which is down to them & their own personal feelings really.Me, I thought it was a new super slimline range of phone, catchy name.

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Cellulite is just one of those things. Its like freckles or something. Something you can’t really help.
And it comes with the territory of having any kind of an ass at all. I’d rather have an ass and maybe a touch of cellulite, than look like a twelve year old boy. I do work out a lot, though – so my cellulite is minimal. I suggest the elliptical machine ;P

I agree with what le_inferno said. You’ve either got a little dimple, or you’ll have super morbidly obese cellulite. Just be nice to your bodies, people.

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I don’t get what people have against freckles either…

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We all like tight, because that’s what we’ve been led to believe. I don’t care if a woman has cottage cheese, get over it-she probably could be the most sexual animal you could ever meet, and there is something to be said about that. Bad sex with a tight woman, or awesome sex with a woman that is body imperfect, I took the latter every-time, especially if she is a woman that is comfortable with herself.

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@Garebo I don’t call cellulite an imperfection, but I catch your drift. IMO, thin women are boring to look at. Maybe it’s because I’m black, but I like curves lol

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That is the way I feel, if you meet your match, then they, or you, lose it physically for a while-so what! I have my excuse, I am older; but I see it and hear it all the time and I am tired of it, especially from younger folk expecting Nirvana partner, still I have no trouble understanding the desire.
But, in my life, I have seen some of the most unattractive women become absolute gorgeous Divas. Sure, she might have a stretch mark or two-now…. do you really care? unless, maybe a perfectionist. I know I didn’t, and still don’t.

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