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Alternative facebook messaging client?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) May 31st, 2010

I would like to use a local client for Facebook messages…

Something like Outlook Express but
– for FB messages instead of email
– for Mac OS X


And P.S.: I’m not talking about Instant Messages (Chat)

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Well, there are browser plugins that let you read and compose Facebook messages.

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Digsby lets you connect to Facebook and chat that way. Pidgin does as well, although you needed a plugin to do that when I stopped using it.

bolwerk's avatar – I tried this, but it seemed a bit buggy (but then Pidgin often is).

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May I ask why is it that would prefer to use an alternative method to the personal messaging that FB already has?

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis – browsers are not for messaging or chatting. That’s why there are IM and chat (e.g., IRC) clients. Actually, browsers blow for e-mail and message forums too. The best alternatives are proper IMAP/POP3 clients and Usenet. However, ISPs have been cutting back on such services and commercialization is causing the Internet’s more interesting frontiers to close.

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@bolwerk Oh thank you for clarification. I am here to learn and share when I do know something to share. Have a wonderful day! ;-)

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