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How does one become a member of The Illuminati?

Asked by YARNLADY (44990points) May 31st, 2010

Definition: The ‘shadow government’ that rules without the usual restraints

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Do you see the fnords?

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shh… it a secret… they pick you…
a fnord is

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Never mind, forget I mentioned it. @YARNLADY I can’t help you.

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This is a question I’ve pondered for some time. Obviously the people who rule the world are not the Bavarian Illuminati (who were crushed by the Freemasons for cutting their grass), and are probably people of whom we have never even heard. So how did they get there?

If Bill Gates had all his money taken away and he was dropped naked into the middle of, say, Mexico City without a penny to his name, it likely would not take him long to claw his way back to the top of the heap. In fact, the first million would probably be the hardest, and then it would all come flowing back. It occured to me that the way this works is magic.

Seriously, I mean it. “Magic” is really just, in essence, the application of the Will to Power through indirect means to accomplish a goal. An example would be in order to explain, I think. When we wish to move a mountain, in theory, if our Will to Power was strong enougj, we could simply command the mountain to move and it would. This is what the Ubermensch does. Since his Will is greatest, he is essentially God; his Will defines reality and forces all those around him to conform to it. However, not being creatures of ascended Ataman (at least, I’m not), we more usually apply a lever to magnify our Will. In this case, to move a mountain, we magnify our Will through the power of a tractor and internal combustion of burning hydrocarbons. Magic, if it exists, is the application of Will in an indirect way, a way not immediately obvious. To move the mountain of our example, magic would be waving our arms and uttering Terrible Phrases Man Was Not Meant To Know… or building a golem made from exploited workers (otherwise known as a corporation) and causing it to remove the mountain through the application of profit-motive.

To bring this back to Bill Gates, I have long considered that in order for these magical “levers” to be useful, they must be left in plain sight. Bill Gates would have no difficulty in achieving wealth and power again because the levers he uses to magnify his Will to Power would still exist—must exist—in order for him to be able to maintain his wealth and power. That means anyone clever enough to discover these secret levers to power could thrust themselves into the echelons of the true rulers of the world.

And that is how you join the Illuminati. Fnord.

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I saw another question about it which made me wonder.

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Start off by friending them on Facebook.

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Prolifically post at Answerbag. ;-)

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Thanks, @talljasperman, for the new desktop background!

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