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What does "visual liberty" mean?

Asked by foxhidden (44points) June 1st, 2010

what does “visual liberty” mean in this sentence? talk about the Apple iPad.

On a small screen with the visual liberty of an old 640×480 display, graphic ornaments steal important screen estate; due to the high pixel density the 1024×768 feels much smaller.

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That would be pure advertising. Maybe true relative to the iphone, but compared to other products, you know, like laptops and notebooks, that is almost sarcastic. Does not even support Flash. Visual liberty my arse.

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I read it as a criticism, not a promotional statement. I have reworded it below to indicate what I thought the message was saying:

Though the screen is a certain size (in pixels), all the required graphics take up so much space as to make it feel smaller than it is.

Crappy advertising if no one (potential customers) know what the statement means. I would be more inclined to think the statement came from a review of the product. It may be the the prior sentence in the statement (not included in the question) gives some additional insight.

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I found the statement in question in this review of the product. The statement prior to the one quoted above says: “You cannot just transpose print candy to screen candy. In print, graphic page ornaments are a matter of taste and brand. On the screen they become confusing clutter.”

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To my ear it sounds like an accidental use of the word “liberty” by someone with excellent English who is not a native English speaker. Like a literal translation from a word which means both “liberty” and perhaps “range”.

I can’t tell on that page if it’s the same writer, but there is this: “Even though my Swiss English might sound kind of harsh…”

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