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The last Hummer has been manufactured. How do you feel about it?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) June 1st, 2010

Personally, I think Hummer’s are ugly and impractical but maybe you think it’s a tragedy that these vehicles aren’t in the making anymore. What do you think?

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I’m fine with it. We don’t need the gas guzzlers on the road.

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“The Last 8 MPG Gas Guzzler Bites The Dust”.

Its about time.

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There are a lot of cars that will cease production, and have ceased production, since the start of the recession.

Some I will miss- like Saturn. Others like the Hummer, whose clientele base was geared toward upper class and celebrity, I will not miss as much.

What makes me truly sad is the loss of jobs that each failure represents.

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Who cares…just another obscenely expensive status symbol that was impractical for everyday use.

People are such slaves to the collective ego. lol

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Since the H2 is really just a Tahoe with more squared-off plastic and the H3 is just a Blazer in the same disguise then I guess they really are still in production, sort of. Talk about stupid, paying that kind of money for a status symbol.

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I’m guessing Swarc….Swarz…Swarchez….Arnie is pissed off. As for me, total apathy for their passing.

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Company motto: “Real soldiers are dying in their Hummers so you can play soldier in yours”

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I had a friend I no longer am in touch with that had to have a Hummer…they could barely make their house payment but by God they had the cool car flavor of the year. haha

I watched my friend go from a pretty down to earth woman to a snobby little bitch.

The final straw was when her iusband was sick and she was worried he might not be able to make it to work and pay for her Hummer and horses and other ‘nescessities.’

She made a comment one day about her how her husband couldn’t afford to get sick and he had better get his ass out of bed and go bring home the cash.

I never spoke to her again, well…after an email that let her know exactly how I felt about that.


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I think they were never meant for domestic roads. They got 9 miles to the gallon. (Think oil spill). I do not think it is a loss at all.

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Well, let me just say ‘good riddance’. 8mpg? I would rather drive a Lambo for that poor efficiency. Looks better, drives better, is faster and better built.

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I never saw a dirty one. That is what pisses me off. I’m cool with big ass trucks that get shitty mileage. Just use the fucking thing to haul lumber in the dirt or something, anything a Civic can’t do.

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Good riddance. The military version is decently suited to its purpose, but the civilian versions had become nothing more than glitzy gas-guzzlers. For off-road utility and blizzard conditions, I prefer my Unimog;a totally superior vehicle that is twice as fuel efficient.

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It’s one less brand of overpriced, gas guzzling, uninspiring SUV’s on the market and on the roads and that is certainly a good thing.

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I’m glad to hear it for a number of reasons…not the least of which is the roadway has been filling with more and more tiny Smart Cars for Hummers to drive over.

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Hummers were a prime example of stupidity and ignorance. Good riddance.

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I don’t care one way or the other. I never wanted one. Which is good because wanting something is stupid and selfish.

At least I can still see this thing roaming around the neighborhood from time to time.

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@mrentropy Wow. I only live a few minutes from Round Rock…. might have to go check it out and laugh.

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@silverfly I’m surprised you haven’t seen it. Although, I don’t see it nearly as often as I used to. It used to be I could see it at the HEB on Louis Henna a couple of times a week.

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Is anyone else getting worried about Prescottman2008? Should we send someone over to see if he fell asleep at the keyboard?

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I have to say “good riddance” as well. Those cars were so embarrassing; I don’t see how people could actually buy them. I don’t know anyone who thought they were “cool”.

It reminds me of that gigantic Hummer-like car Rainier Wolfcastle was driving on the Simpsons, through the neighborhood, crushing mailboxes because it was so enormous and Marge asks “what kind of mileage does it get?” and he says “1 highway, 0 city”.

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Having driven a military one a lot – I can say good riddance to both. The idea was a good one for stability – the end product – inferior.

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Good! Other than a few industrial or military uses, the vehicle had no value. I believe that it was mostly purchased buy Yuppies with little dicks that liked to flaunt their wealth in front of homeless shelters.

California’s Governor has one; further proof of steroids causing male genitals to shrink.

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@Ron_C And brains, too…

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They weren’t really Hummers anyway, just SUVs shaped like Hummers. It was a really dumb idea, except for the one on the CSI Miami TV show.

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A symbol of arrogance bites the dust.

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I don’t care if they’re gone or not but I’m pretty sure someone will buy one and keep it garaged. Then IF the planet is still around in thirty years it’ll be worth a fortune.

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I saw a bit on SNL about it. The line was, “Now people will just have to go door to door and TELL people that they are assholes”. I’ve never met a hummer owner yet that wasn’t stupidly full of themselves. Maybe they were needed by one tenth of one percent of the buyers. The rest were just showing off and wasting money. I think people could be far more ecologically responsible and carpool and make a lot bigger difference to the environment. Or maybe rich people could not jet around the world non stop pouring all of the jet fuel out for no other reason than because they have the money to do it. Oh well.

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