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If you were to choose an Olympic event that best suited your abilities, which would it be?

Asked by ucme (50034points) June 1st, 2010

Which have you previous experience in & which have you an aptitude for however small? Or would it simply be a case of choosing something you like to watch but have no real ability at? If for examle you select athletics. Please state which, 100 metres, long jump, hurdles etc.

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Pole vaulting.

I was never good at it. That tigers tail I have always wanted to grab.

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Repeating myself, bench pressing Milo.

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when i was young, the decathlon! Was a high jumper, board jumper, and ran the 440!

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Is reading an Olympic event? It should be.

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I am still unbeatable at thumb wrestling and also babe watching at the beach…with a cold beer of course! ;)

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Some twenty years ago i thought i was a really fast sprinter.
In the factory corridor i beat all my colleagues and one time i asked for someone to time me.
It was an eighty meters long corridor and i was timed at thirteen point something, so not that fast.
Until then i was pretty convinced that i would fit in in a final of the 100 meter.
Until then…

The eight hundred meters also always looks doable to me, but i know now that i probably couldn’t do even half of it.

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Double dutch jump rope. Kickball.

OK, actually, probably the 6400m relay. That was my event in HS.

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Long distance running.Marathons to be exact.I want to run until I drop.

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One of the swimming events. I always loved swimming and was very good at it. For some reason, even when I weighed in at 100 pounds, I couldn’t sink. That might have given me an edge, I don’t know. : >

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200m freestyle
100m breaststroke

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Hollering at my kids, perfecting phrases like; Because I said so! and, Don’t fold the cat!

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Loudest voice. I was a towncrier in a previous life. In a busy city probably.

From the actual Olympic events the only one I was really any good at was medium and long distances (3000m steeplechase, 800m, marathon). somewhere around 10km or so was good for me. The only official event I ever took place in was the college games when I was a freshman (before I started smoking). But I had been sick with the flu that week and barely made it to the finish line.

My first cousin represented Australia in the LA Olympics. Or was it Seoul?

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Oh….I thought we were making new ones up. Then I’d say volleyball.

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Skeleton or luge.

or snowboarding… only to see my future husband Shaun White.

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@rebbel Last time I was timed at 100 metres I was at school, maybe 15. Clock stopped at around 12 seconds.I remember our P.E teacher tried in vain to get me to take running a step further.I hated it though preferred my football.So that was that really.

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@lucillelucillelucille Hitting the wall is not an attractive proposition.Done it too many times.Arrrrgh the cramps.

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Before I started smoking I like track during gym. I guess I’d take that, but otherwise if drinking beer and watching cheesy eighties slashers is an event, I’m there dude.

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Is there a Python-quoting-and-sketch-reenacting event? I’d take the gold in that, for sure!

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@Symbeline Care for some company, yay.

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And look where that brings one, who runs fast and is good in soccer (Walcott).....not to South Africa.

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@rebbel Ah but we are better off without the show pony. A suprise omission? Probably. A good decision? Oh yeah.The lad needs time.Come on England!!!

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Yeah, and above all, it’s only three matches he is going to miss… ;-)

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@rebbel Ha Ha, starting to sound a touch worried.Don’t blame you, this being our year & all. Pity the Dutch lads will be picking tulips back home come final day.

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I am a fan of English football.
I sincerely wish you and your team good luck.

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score keeper

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basketball if I put some more muscles

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@rebbel Truth be told, like every other nation who has designs on winning the thing, we’re going to need lady luck to be smiling on us that’s for sure.Pity the Germans always seem to get the lions share though.

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@Val123 ; you toboggan down a slope at high-speeds face first. xD

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