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Where could I go to gallop horses in the Bay Area?

Asked by andrew (16380points) June 1st, 2010

Perhaps it’s all the ads for Red Dead Redemption or the fact that I’m listening to Yo-Yo Ma play Morricone, but I want to ride some horses.

What I’m not looking to do is trot down a horse path in a single-file line. I’ve done that, and it’s just painful for me and the horse.

I want to gallop. Where can I do that?

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If it’s a horse you or a friend own, I’d say south down past Funston Beach. That’s where I would run mine, but he was at the stables near there in Daly City.

Rental-wise, I don’t think many places will let you gallop. Either it’s liability or overworked horses. I have had some horses in Half Moon Bay take off back home at a gallop, but certainly not on purpose, ha.

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Well.. as far as I know, you don’t own a horse..
But have you galloped a horse before?
the answer changes based on your answer.

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@rangerr I don’t own a horse. Yes, I’ve galloped a horse on a horse trail, and it was brilliant.

I suppose I’m wondering if there’s a venue where I can ride a horse that isn’t limited to taking a walking tour. My dream is an open expanse of land where you can actually ride.

I’ve ridden a few times, and I’m by no means an expert, but based on my past experience I’m confident I can pick it up quickly.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. I’ve cantered but not galloped. I’m happy cantering.

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Just so my answer isn’t just in chat..
Try here.
Their ranch rules allow cantering on the beach, too.

I’m not sure if any ranch would let you gallop, unless the horse owner is a friend/family.
We don’t let anyone run our horses like that unless they own the horse, or I’m out there with them.

I also just noticed that @MissAnthrope beat me to this entire post.

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@andrew: I’ve cantered but not galloped. I’m happy cantering.

Make sure that the horse knows the difference.

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I’ve seen people riding on the beach in extreme northern California.

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