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Why are guys so immature?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) June 1st, 2010

This just annoys me so much! There are guys 4 years older than me who are way immature. They say, “That’s what she said!” to every little thing. Just wondering if they’ll ever grow up.

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We most certainly are not!

Now, pull my finger XD

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no, no they will never grow up…this is a sad fact of the male type… :-(

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That’s what she said.

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ok then

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You know, sometimes the situation actually does call for a ‘That’s what she said’.

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Boys are silly and they smell.

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@jjmah Hey, that’s not true!

* sniff sniff *

Okay, so I ran out of deodorant this morning, is that a crime?

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Change not on the horizon.

It’s because that is the “kina guy” who people like you (with that extra chromosome gizmo) mate with.

Admit it. You’ve got the rockstar poster on your bedroom wall. And if you ever DID meet him, your progeny would be one more step down the ladder from enlightenment.

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I’m guessing for the same reason women won’t stop bitching? Look, I can make dumb generalizations too! : )

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@Blackberry What generalization?


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@bob_ Those cartoons are funny, have you seen speed racist? Or the man that could sit anywhere?

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@Blackberry Of course! XD

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Guys are immature? Does Cosmopolitan know about this?

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Boys are bad.

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Because you touch yourself at night.

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How old are you? Seriously question.

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Because we can be, so there smarty pants.Blows raspberry.

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Appears I can’t type. I meant “serious question.”

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I hate these kinds of blanket statements. So which one is it, is it that all guys are inherently are what you would define as immature, or that you just dont understand all guys?

I’d say the latter.

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@rentluva5256 Well there’s your reason right there…

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I think what @roundsquare means is that at age 14, all guys are immature.
Even a lot of men in their 40’s are still immature.

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Because theyre just designed to make babies with everyone. Its their job to repopulate the planet. So of course theyre going to be selfish and not care about anything but getting laid… while the women get the wonderful experience of being knocked up for nine months.

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@chyna true.
@meagan GREAT answer!!!

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@rentluva5256 Its the truth, really. All any of us are here for.. is just making babies. Men are supposed to have sex with as many people as they can – to repopulate the planet! I’m sure that this instinct was around before it was so overly populated, but you get the point.

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@meagan You’re probably right. But I’m pretty sure (or at least I hope) that there’s more to life then having sex.

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@rentluva5256 There isn’t much. But if I give you any advice, don’t let any guy tell you lies (like that he loves you on the first date) just to get in your pants. They’ll tell you anything to get the goods.

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@meagan Ain’t that the truth! (I’m adding you!)

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@chyna Has got my drift.

As a guy, I can say that we do become mature, but the first step towards maturity takes long. (We do catch up though, so don’t worry). In the end though, there will be differences and you’ll need to accept that. Guys do things girls think are immature, and vice-versa (very crude generalization, I know, but its a general point).

As for what @meagan says, I agree with the advice. Don’t let that happen.

However, most people do have a life outside of getting laid (at lest indirectly). Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the geeky guy I am, it surely doesn’t help me with the ladies. So have some hope, but be careful, as in all things in life.

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@roundsquare That’s a relief! (And don’t worry. I prefer the geeky type!)

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Why are gals so immature to think that all guys are so immature. Why do they pick immature guys and think cuteness is more important than intelligence.

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@mattbrowne Because we don’t want ugly children, of course. ;P

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Cute children need sustained support. Otherwise they might not look so cute anymore after a while.

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