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Is there a website where it can help you build your English vocabulary?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) June 1st, 2010

Like a website with colorful flshcards and it helps you with hard english words because i am trying to build up my english vocabulary. Even if it is a paying program, it will work. Thanks:) Im born in America so I am not an English learner

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The BBC has a pretty good site. They also have a bulletin board where you can talk to other people learning English. Your English seems pretty good but on the BBC community board you might find more resources.

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We use this website with our students to build SAT vocabulary:
It’s on the advanced side.

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Free Rice is a great site that helps build your vocabulary, and gives free rice to the poor for every correct answer you make.

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Ah yes, I forgot freerice! That’s good too… and has the added benefit of feeding the hungry.

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These are my favorite online crossword puzzles.

Houston Chronicle

New York Times Classic Crossword Puzzle

Chronicle of Higher Education (Monday)’

Wall Street Journal

For some of these links you need the free program Across Lite

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I clicked on this question asking myself just how many people would have answered with I was sure there would be at least one but there turned out to be three. Great site.

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Read at least 30 – 50 good books a year, both fiction and non-fiction. This is far more effective than a website. Use the website to complement your reading activities.

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I think This is what @mattbrowne is trying to say.

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