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Does your iPhone gets hot? When and why?

Asked by Markos (73points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

mine gets very hot while its being charged (I guess that’s normal). But it also gets hot while I’m surfing the web or doing anything for more than a couple of minutes.

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yea mine gets really hot when I charge it too. You’re right though thats normal. Its just cooling itself. That might still be the case for you even when its not plugged in. Who knows. If it gets to be super annoying I’d take it to the store and see what they say.

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what do you mean by cooling itself?
also, can this temperatures damage the iPhone? Like in a normal computer?

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I was going to ask the same question, mine only gets hot when I use a car charger. Weird.

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I don’t know. Mine doesn’t get hot when its not on the charger, so it sounds like your problem is slightly unusual. Cause when I first got my phone it kept getting hot on the charger, so I took it to the apple store and they said that this was normal that, instead of keeping all of that heat inside the phone and damaging it, (kind of like you said) the iPhone sometimes cools itself by pushing that heat outward.

Oh and by the way this only happens when its plugged in, and I’m using the phone. Ex. Using Internet, listening to music, texting, etc. Like I said before just take it into the store if you’re that worried about it.

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That’s odd… I can’t recall mine ever getting hot…

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mine gets hot at work. This is because I don’t get service there and it constantly searches for service.

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Originally Apple iPhone designers were going to implement an iGrill into the iPhone for grilling up simple breakfast foods like bacon and eggs. Some of the phones released to market never had this hardware removed therefor some iPhone owners will experience a phone that heats up on occasion.

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ya I heard that too.

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