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Have You Ever Had Canned Bacon?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) June 1st, 2010

In the 1960’s I would go to Kmart? or some grocery store and buy a can of bacon slices.They were all spiraled together. Probably took years off my life but it was always meaty, delicious bacon. Anyone else had it?

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This site implies it has been off the market for over 20 years but is available once again (although for 10 bucks a can, I may have to skip getting my first taste of canned bacon!)

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@Kayak8 Interesting! Thanks! The kind I used to buy was not cooked far as I know and was in a much smaller can. I’d say it was about .5 lb of bacon in a can about 5” tall. And I never thought of it as a camping food. It would have been Perfect for camping!

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This shows a video with a taste test of the above-referenced product. What you ate as in the 60s had to be better than this!

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Well, could I interest you in some bacon lip-balm? Here

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@Kayak8 Neat. That reminds me of spray chocolate. When you’d get a craving you’d simply spray the “chocolate” in your mouth to keep your weight down. ha. But I do have to try that bacon chapstik.

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I can hardly read about it. Bad spam memories.

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@Kayak8 That was a hilarious video!! The bacon I bought was twisted together in the orginal, long strips and yes, greasy. It did not smell bad and it tasted Very good.
Really !

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@GrumpyGram I think I just found what you used to get at KMart!!!! Check this out!

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@Kayak8 Hey; that can Does look familiar! lol !! So does the long strips in the photos! I just found Spam w/bacon but I can’t say where or I may get “in twabel.”

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We used to take canned bacon camping. It wasn’t bad.

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