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Is an overheating laptop a problem that can be fixed?

Asked by delta77 (196points) June 1st, 2010

If so, how? And how much do you think it will cost? Do I need to get a replacement fan? A new battery? How can I fix this overheating problem? Thanks!

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Can you say more about this problem? Is it shutting down because it is overheating? Is something driving the CPU? Is it your graphics chipset? Is it just feeling hot to you? If so consider a good quality cooling pad from Amazon or someplace similar.

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Do you keep it on a flat surface with some ari flow. Never keep it sitting on your bed covers.
You can buy some wood shims or rubber spacers from the hardware store. to put on the feet. It will give it an extra few millimeters.

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Oh, almost forgot. Check the fan intake screen. Is it dirty? Vacuum it out.

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Hi – thanks for your input – I very much appreciate it – Yes, it just randomly shuts off – and I believe it is shutting down because it is overheating.

I don’t believe it is the CPU or graphics chipset because these things have never been changed, upgraded or, swapped out – so I don’t see how it can be those items . . . .

What do you think?

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An obstructed cooling fan due to detritus?

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Dust, pet hair, cigarette/cigar smoke and other debris collects inside the chassis where you can’t really see it or get at it. Often it collects inside the fins on the heatsinks over the CPU and GPU. You can use cans of compressed air to clean it out by spraying into the vents along the chassis, however the most effective method is to have it taken apart and cleaned which is often very difficult for most users to do themselves.

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That’s how I roll; a can of compressed air to blast the cat hair and lint out of the fins of the heatsinks.

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You can buy a cooling base for a laptop. My gets warm but I just put pencils under it to raise it to allow more air flow. That works for me.

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