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Anyone know where i might find information regarding replacing a cell phone screen?

Asked by nicky (207points) June 1st, 2010

I own an LG Versa VX 9600 and I have cracked the LCD screen :(

The phone is too expensive to replace but i found a replacement screen on ebay for like 30 dollars. I hear it isnt too difficult to replace the screen but i wanted to ask if anyone has done this before or knew where i could find information or technical documentation to replace the LCD on my phone (preferably specific to the model of my phone).

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you could go to your phone service store o.o
they’d probably know without having you buy a new one completely.
i don’t really know

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Go to your carrier store, mine is T-Mobile. they will either have a replacement screen there or order one for you. your carrier store will have the exact screen for your phone. anything else is just guesswork and it may not work at all. then, you can kiss your $30 dollars goodbye.

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hmm, perhaps you guys are right. Ill go check with verizon, thanks!

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