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What childhood activity have you enjoyed recently?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) June 1st, 2010

Have you jumped on a trampoline?
Fly a kite?
Pick a winner? ;)

Do you give yourself plenty of opportunities to enjoy the child in you?

I spent the weekend having fun on a Slip ‘n Slide. Who knew it would be a great workout for the abs. Yes, I have plenty of bruises too, but it was worth it.

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Playing catch from a distance of three feet?

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For New Year’s Day I played in the snow, built a snowman and had a snowball fight with two of my most favorite people, it was great! I’ve been wanting to get adult sized Hoppity Hops and have a day where our sales staff have to greet and maneuver around our store with clients on them all day. I just want to bounce around on the Hoppity Hops.

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I threw dirt—lol—

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I have the opposite problem, no problem enjoying the child in me. I need to make more of an effort to connect with my inner adult.

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I picked my nose and wiped the boogie on the bottom of my desk.

Nah, not really.

The last childish thing I did was tell you a big old fib about a boogie. :)

My inner child is never very far from the surface.

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I love it when I’ve an opportunity to use a trampoline. It’s so much fun!
I haven’t done anything to enjoy the child in me as of late, so I shall aim to do so today

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I skipped down the sidewalk with an ice cream cone.

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I played some old Atari 2600 video games on my PC emulator.

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@Neizvestnaya I can picture myself Hoppity Hopping in this. Sounds fun!

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I did somersaults with my grandson, then colored in a coloring book with my grandaugher. They thought I was VERY cool, not childish.

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Earlier today after a thunderstorm I went outside and sat on my stone walkway and played with the red-spotted newts. They’re cute, and it was fun. :D

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I build a sandcastle and I played Twister

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I bought and ate an entire ( okay small ) box of Vanilla wafers.

The taste took me back about 30 years…I won’t wait that long to eat them again.

I also bought squirt guns to play with in the hot tub. lol

The ‘Aquazookas’ are awesome, I can shoot a 60 ft. stream of water at the sheep down the hill. hahaha

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Paddling down the St.Croix River and it was a blast.

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I picked mulberries from a tree.

ok so i didnt do this in my childhood exactly, but i did climb a lot of trees and pick fruit from them, so discovering this tree in my back yard has been a rather pleasant bit of psuedo-nostalgia for me :)

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A Fluther play day in the park would be fun. Wouldn’t it? Twister, Slip n Slide and water guns.

((throws dirt at @lucillelucillelucille)) :D

@uberbatman We had a very large mulberry tree in our yard when we first moved in to our house. Half our yard would be covered with mulberries and mulberry laden deer poo. The tree had to go. I miss the berries, but not the mess.

sorry for taking so long with this reply. tornado warning here. yikes!

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Frisbee on the beach with my boy. He’s pretty good.

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I haven’t done it lately, but I love to play on the swings! Maybe I’ll take the kids to the park this weekend…
About the only kid-type thing I do on a regular basis is have an arts and crafts day. The kids and I load up on craft supplies and hang out at the kitchen table all day. We paint pictures on canvases and/or printer paper, make decoupage collages, and paint little wooden thingies. Such fun!

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Hi big kid here & all the better for it.My life revolves around kids’ activities long may it continue. Tag you’re it ;¬}

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My girlfriend and I were swinging on some swings a few days ago.

Put some lego in front of me, and my grown-ass self’ll love it.

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Coloring and swinging on swings are fabulous! I’ve done both of those recently. A few months ago I was on a trampoline. The best thing I still do is play hide and seek (also known as tag) late at night with friends.

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Hmm, this is hard for me..every day I get to do child activities lol.

Yesterday we went to two different playgrounds. It’s hard for me to really play like I used to, because I babywear the baby.
We got my son a few board games for his birthday, I’m excited to play whack-a-mole! haha
I also play trains or cars on a daily basis. And I also pretend to be a dinosaur at least 5 times a day.

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Threw a beachball to my daughter in the neighborhood pool. For , like, ten seconds.

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Fluther Day In The Park
Come one and all for meets, eats and plenty of compromising fun games!

Human Wheelbarrow race
Two legged human race
Red Rover
Capture The Flag
Dirtball Trench War
Watermelon Sacrifice
Overhead Bars Chicken Fighting
Paintball Field Sniper
Hoppity Hop Scavenger Hunt

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@Neizvestnaya I’m in! My step-son is a physical trainer for a large corporation, and he recently started “adult gym classes” on the weekends. The employees all meet up at the local rec center and play dodge ball, jump rope, etc. Basically just like elementary school PE class. They seem to love it!

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I’ve always felt through observation that companies who make extracurricular activities for their employees and the families foster a lot of support and comaraderie that improves inside the workplace.

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I went camping with my Dad and my brother and my just turned 5 year old nephew. Dad took us camping for the first time when each of us was 5. We are continuing the tradition.

I also went ice-skating at a new rink. The rental skates they have now are awful, they’re not figure skates, they’re plastic and look like roller blades. I need to buy myself a real pair of figure skates.

And I used glitter!

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I don’t know, actually. I do childish things every day, but it wasn’t a good idea to hide in the closet. Or jump on the bed. I’ll soon have to buy a new bed. I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore. But I love jumping on my bed.

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