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Do you usually have sudden emotions?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) June 2nd, 2010

Monday I was returning home and I slept in the car.When I woke up at home I suddenly start to feel very weird.I was feeling a deep sadness and I didn’t want to speak to anyone.When someone tried to talk to me I was starting to cry with no reason.This lasted for 2 days and I’m not fully ok now I talk but I’m still sad and I want to be alone as much as possible.
Did you ever experienced something like this?Can you give me an explanation to my feelings?How you’d you handle such a situation?

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Sounds like a little spiritual crisis. The interesting thing is usually when we cry, we have some inkling about why.
How you handled it sounds pretty reasonable given the shakeup you’ve had. Have the people around you been upset with you because of your weepiness? do they support you, and try to wait it out with you? or?
I call this kind of experience “being blindsided” by feelings I didn’t see coming. When I have big losses or shocks, this kind of thing can happen. But since you can’t identify what provoked it, I’d suggest waiting a couple of weeks, pay attention, and if you don’t feel pretty much like yourself and haven’t had any insights on your own, have a talk with either a counselor or – anti-religious people don’t get all up in arms here, please – a spiritual advisor.
They do exist, they have training and good boundaries; if you want to follow up, pm me.

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@susanc everything you said sounds pretty ok but I don’t believe in soul and things like this so I don’t believe that a spiritual advisor would help me or a counselor because both tell me stupid things.I tried both in the past

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I recently began experiencing somewhat uncontrollable emotions but discovered it is a fairly common symptom of ALS caused by degeneration of upper bulbar motor neurons resulting in exaggeration of motor expressions of emotion. Just another issue to deal with. I hope you determine the cause of your situation but that it is very far removed from the cause I’m living with. It just dawned on me that “living” is becoming a less appropriate word, but I still laugh at the thought…..sometimes uncontrollably. Live life to its fullest, make every moment count and count your blessings. Peace
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Yes and just as suddenly as they come, they go!

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Personally, I haven’t experienced sudden changes in mood that are as dramatic and enduring as the one you describe. Although I have found myself suddenly feeling sad or low sometimes, I can usually pin-point a cause for this, or a thought that entered my head that caused me to feel in a negative way.

If you continue to feel troubled by your mood, or just “not yourself”, for much longer than a couple of weeks, I would advise you to speak to your doctor. Sometimes, certain mental health problems, such as depression, can be endogenous in the sense that there isn’t an obvious external cause for a person experiencing symptoms of depression. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t dream of insinuating from what you have said above that I think you should be worried about your mental health, as I think it’s perfectly normal for moods to fluctuate from time to time, and for some people, that fluctuation will be stronger than for others. All I mean to say is that I would encourage you to be mindful of your own mood, and what feels “right” or “not right” for you, and go to your doctor if you continue to feel that your mood feels abnormal or strange to you in any way.

Unfortunately, in a number of cases, when people are ill as a result of a mental health problem that began with no obvious cause, they continue to go on feeling low without seeking help because they feel like they should just “snap out of it”, or because they haven’t had some sort of personal “crisis”, they shouldn’t or can’t be depressed. This isn’t the case at all, and your doctor should be able to help you, or direct you to other sources of help, for any sort of health problem you are experiencing.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

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I have this theory about why we have emotions. They are there to add depth and color to relationships, true, but they also warn our conscious, rational mind that there is something to which we need to pay attention. Is there a subject that causes you dread or extreme sadness when you consciously consider it? If so, that may be the source of your distress. You might want to consider discussing this with a professional ( such as a clinical psychologist ) just to get a better handle on it. They have techniques to help you find the source of this emotion.

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Yep, emotions triggered by dreams; especially of dear ones. It takes time for me to get out of it, hours may be.

You had dreams that particular instance?

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@whatthefluther that was actually my first thought, as well. I’m not sure it applies to the OP, but when reading this it immediately made me think of what many of the people that I’ve known over the years with ALS have described.

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only when i miss a three foot birdie putt for da money!

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@Christian95 – I read your question and I say to myself.
I can see Albert Einstein behaving/feeling that way. :-)

As far a YOUR question. We all cope with life issues in different ways. If it has not been going on long. Just go with it, don’t fear it. Accept it.

It might just be a passing phase

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@Christian95: Not believing in soul is fine. There are lots of ways of naming the non-physical realities that help make us human. “Spiritual advisor” really is just a word for a person who has experience with surprising emotional upheaval but won’t direct you into a mental-illness diagnosis. Of course, if you need medication, you should have it.
What about my other questions, about who’s listening to you, and how? My concern is whether you’re isolated with this experience.

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Yes, mine are generally angry feelings… feelings of total loss of control and rage…and suddenly I’ll think… but you kinda knew this was building but didn’t take any notice of it because you couldn’t quite put your finger on it and now look what you’ve done… gone and got all angry and mad and total like crazy bitch!!...and I try to calm down and retrace my steps and figure out what is really going on but I can’t quite figure it out because there is soooo much stuff going on in my head that it’s just all a bit bonkers… and then I get real real sad…with deep grief that I’ve lost the plot again and worse this time and probably will do again and don’t know how to stop it….

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I think that maybe you might be avoiding your feelings about something in your life. You should look back and the weeks before you sleeping in the car and think abou the things that happened and how they made you feel. I have never woken up with sudden emotions of sadness, or anything without there be a cause for it all. Totally and completely feel everything and talk to whoever you need to.

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@Christian95 Why was you sad? Any particular reason!

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I’ve had moments in my life where emotions have unearthed themselves to me – without my consent :) However, each time that’s happened, I’ve been able to identify the source. I agree with @ruk_d
Take it easy on yourself over the next few days and allow whatever it is to come naturally.

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Every human has sudden emotions. For example fear.

What you might mean are complex emotions as a result of our conscious brain thinking about our basic emotions. Right?

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There have been alot of great answers already but I want to add another note here given I had a client describe a similar experience a while back and he died of a heart attack within a week of telling me about the incident. I was told later by his wife that they had found underlying heart issues during his autopsy. There is evidence that in some people heart disease alters emotional response. There are brain cells in other parts of our body…and our body is intrinsically linked up with the emotions as a result. Something going on unconsciously in the body can trigger profound alterations in emotions. I would like to suggest to you that you have a full physical and ask to have imaging done on your heart to rule out blockages that might cause this sudden phenomenon.

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Have you been depressed lately? Having any crisises in your life? If not, it sounds like a hormone or other chemical imbalance. You wouldn’t believe how much a messed up body chemistry level will affect you psychologically.

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ALL OF THE TIME MATE…. I think it’s maybe got to do something with changing hormones,,,,

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