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Can you reccomend any flight simulator games?

Asked by XOIIO (18319points) June 2nd, 2010

Not realistic ones, but ones that are more entertainment and have mods like invincibility. Free would be nice too.

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Grand Theft Auso: San Andreas has a very nice flight simulator aspect. It’s real world physics are realistic, but you don’t have to know about LORAN and ailerons and all that Flight Simulator crap—just jump in a fly away. It’s a blast because with some aircraft, you can bomb the hell out of the whole city and get the military after you. But you have to break into the airport and steal the airplane first :-p

At the start of the game, you have to go through the initial scenario of getting framed for murder by some corrupt cops and join your street gang homies and cause some general mayhem. But after that, the world is pretty much wide open to go and do whatever you want.

There are cheat codes to give yourself a Apache helicopter, make yourself invincible, etc.

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Ahhhh GTA. I’ve seen that in several searches for games in general. Thanks.

How much is it for pc?

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There’s tons of it for sale used on Amazon for $10 to $20. Make sure you get the first edition without that Steam thingy.

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Steam thingy?

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You never encountered Steam? You’re lucky. A lot of games you buy these days, you get this thing called Steam. You think you’re buying the game on CD, but you’re just buying the Steam downloader. You install Steam, which then downloads the game, which takes forever! And even when you’re not playing the game, that Steam thingy runs in your task tray, gobbling up precious CPU cycles. But you can’t uninstall it because the game won’t run without it.

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WOW! That is dumb! I haven’t bought anyh games recently though. Why the hell did they make that? Anti piracy or something?

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No idea why. Some marketing gook probably thought it would be a good way to distribute content and advertise new games…

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