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How to plan a tour budget to England?

Asked by Heinvh (12points) June 2nd, 2010

Our school is travelling to 3 towns in England, Rugby, Kent, St Alban and I have to compile a budget for each pupil.

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Kent is not a town; it’s a county.

We need more information before we can help, like how long you’ll be staying in England, how you plan to travel around (coach, train, bus, etc…) and what the purpose of the trip is.

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Are you a student, teacher, chaperon, or what? Each pupil’s parents should be given the minimum amount that will cover the trip. I would tell them to add at least 30% to that figure.

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about $10billion, then we can declare ourselves solvent :)

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Talk to a tour planner. There might be a small fee, depending on how detailed you want. There are general guidelines that don’t really depend on any details, such as travel in the U. S. (food and lodging) costs approximately $35 to $55 per person, per day, moderate budget – $65 + for more luxury, and as low as $20 per person, per day extreme low budget. This does not cover transportation.

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lodging…..trains and planes…food, length of visit?

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Wow Guys! I did not expect so many responses. Maybe I should get more facts from the school before I bring it to the forum. I was actually just hoping for some kind of a template in Excel that someone might have already done for one of their tours. Or something like it, so that I can see what other people consider.

I suppose the most important aspect which I can’t google is how much to budget for food each day. These are big rugby players and they CAN EAT! Maybe you could advice me on the costs of say a normal day’s meals and then I can multiply it out between them:
– Big Breakfast, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit, etc.
– Lunch, two burgers and chips and juice
– Supper, pasta dish with meat or something like that

Thanks for the responses!

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