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What do I do with my $2 bill?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) June 2nd, 2010

Lock it up in storage somewhere? Spend it? Are they rare and discontinued? etc….thanks!

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Keep it in your wallet, you never know when you’ll absolutely need it. They’re not that rare.

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What kind of $2 bill is it? My grandfather had a couple of special $2 bills that passed into my possession when he died that have an illustration of the signing of the Constitution on the back and the bills are in pristine condition. Regular $2 bills however may not be worth that much. They’re not being made anymore though so I would hold on to them. They might be worth more than 2 bucks one day. :)

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Stick it with your other whatnot’s.
IT hopefully won’t break you to hold on to.

Something fun to look at and show off.

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From the wiki:

“Circulated current-issue $2 bills (dates 1976 and later, with green seals) are worth $2. If they are in crisp uncirculated condition the retail value could be double that.

Older U.S. Notes with red seals can be worth more. Some typical retail values are:

1928: $3–10 circulated / up to $50 uncirculated
1928A: $5–10 / 225
1928B: $20–85 / 700
1928C: $2–10 / $100
1928D: $2–8 / $30
1928E: $2–12 / $65
1928F,G: $2–8 / $25
1953, 53A,B,C: $2–3 / $8
1963, 63A: $2–5 / $4

Busting the myths:
US $2 bills have NEVER been discontinued or recalled and are STILL acceptable for use anywhere any other denomination is valid. They are still being printed (latest series dated 2008) although in much smaller quantities than other denominations. ”

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You can get them at the bank, usually, if you ask for them.

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@JonnyCeltics would like my mailing address?

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Using $2 bills in commerce might be a little unusual, but they are in fact quite easy to get from your bank and, as others have noted, still printed and circulated.

Probably the most common place to see them is in strip joints, where $1 table dance tips really just don’t cut it anymore, thanks to inflation.

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@bolwerk I prefer to use the dollar coins at those places. So I can use the coin slot.

Waiting for the moderation

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I wonder about the reasons for the use of bills for low values instead of coins.
I personally prefer the cold, heavy, metallic feel of my coins, especially the 2€ and the old 5DM coins.

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Here’s a safe way to keep your $2 bill and and add a couple more dollars to your wallet: bet that the Lakers defeat the Celtics and repeat as NBA champions. You can thank me after, say game 6, possibly game 5. You are welcome in advance.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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“Circulated current-issue $2 bills (dates 1976 and later, with green seals) are worth $2.”
Unless you took that two dollar bill (like me) and brought it to the US post for a First Day Issue Stamp .

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Keep it in your collection.

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Try to spend it. A typical cashier will not believe it’s real American money. Good for entertainment value if you enjoy that sort of thing (as my husband does).

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@Jeruba I’ve heard stories of mall security being called when people try and use $2 bills.

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@Jeruba: Your husband sounds like an entertaining man.

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@KatawaGrey, he’s been keeping me amused since 1976.

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I sign them with friends then rip them in half. Each friend gets a half. Then tell them, “As long as we know each other, we’ll never be broke.”

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You could buy lunch off the value menu.

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