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What are some things that you like about your parents?

Asked by bob_ (19700points) June 2nd, 2010

So, yesterday a few people were all “OMG you hate your parents!” when I asked this question. Let’s show them that we don’t (or, well, that most of us don’t). What are some things that you like about your parents? While you are of course welcome to say that you like that they’ve always loved you and yadda yadda yadda, I’m more interested in the things that, while obviously not unique to them, make you instantly think of them.

My dad is the best at untying knots. Shit that I’ve spent hours trying to untie, he does in a few seconds.

My mom makes the best enchiladas suizas in the world.

I’ll post more things later on. Right now I gotta make them dividends.

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They had me!

@bob_ you are a very lucky person my friend!

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My father is absolutely brilliant. He’s like a walking encyclopedia, which comes in handy if I ever have questions about ANYTHING. He also has a phenomenal sense of humor.

My mom is very generous and has a great laugh.

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Their zest for life, their liberalism and their intellectual curiousity.

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My mom is the healthiest person I know, I’m pretty sure without her I would weigh 800lbs.

My dad taught me there isn’t a fight worth avoiding if your morals are being tested.

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My dad has the quickest wit in the west. My mom is a real sweetie.

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Their immense love for me and willingness to do anything for me even if I find those traits to be smothering.

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My Father was very good with his hands and could figure out almost anything. He had a great love of all kinds of music. He had a great sense of humor and didn’t take himself too seriously.

My Mother is very outgoing and can make friends instantly with just about anyone. Given the proper mood (and the stars are all in alignment), she can be a lot of fun to hang around with.

Regardless of their motives, they were always very proud of me growing up and made sure to sing my praises to anyone who would listen.

I value these things from them very much.

For the flip-side, see here

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Dad was very hard working and dependable as clockwork. He also had charisma; women loved him. He never spanked us but we respected him anyway. He was so happy on the weekends planting his gardens, fishing and piddling with RADIOS!
Mom was glamourous, the most beautiful mom in town. She was a very good cook, never yelled, never got angry and was so cheerful and content. The best part? They did not fight and were lovey-dovey which , in some way, gave me a good self-esteem.

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Mom was wonderful (in every which way).

Dad can cook, decorate, is great with plants/flowers and knows everyone and their mother (quite social). He’s also a wonderful storyteller.

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My mother just loves my girlfriend.
My father makes me laugh out loud.
My mother takes up new hobbies and activities with an energy that makes me jealous.
My father repairs my flat tires.
My mother trusts people from scratch. (Makes me proud.)
My father plays effing great accordeon. (Jeez, i’m proud.)

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My father was a kind hearted person, with a love for the arts. He auditioned for Broadway, could play the guitar, and had me reciting Poe and Kipling at the age of three. He taught me to read using Tolkien instead of “See Spot Run”, and let me stay home from school some Fridays when we’d get a brand new Nintendo game just so we could play together before he went to work. He stayed up with me all night when I was sick, and brought me home a surprise “Sick Day Present” every time – usually a comic book.

My mother… doesn’t contact me any more. I like that.

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My father was smart. My mom keeps her promises.

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Father – nothing to like
Mother – she didn’t have an abortion

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My Mum has a wicked sense of humour & an incredibly infectious laugh.Go Mum go Mum, yay.

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Dad – worked hard to earn a good living for his family.
Mom – always tried to do what she thought was right.

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I absolutely adore my mother. She’s funny as shit and lives to make people smile and laugh. She only wants to see her friends and family happy. She takes a genuine interest in people and sincerely cares about them. Not a selfish or evil bone in her body. She also has the best laugh in the world – her laugh literally makes you laugh because it’s so strange and funny. She’s also a very warm and inviting person. People tell me all the time that she looks intimidating, but once they get to know her she is the most approachable and welcoming person ever. Aw, I wuv her. * smiles *

My father is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. He graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelors in mechanical engineering and a Masters in nuclear engineering.
Yes, he is a smart motherfucker.
We also share a strong interest in movies and despite his requests for me to go to college, he surprisingly supported my decision to enter the film industry instead. He told me that as long as I never regret my decision, he’ll never regret not trying to talk me out of it. Well, I don’t regret a thing so he’s happy and supportive and just totally awesome like that despite the different path I chose to take. :)

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My dad is an awesome piano player and can play ragtime and dixieland like nobody else I have ever seen. My mom is just the happiest person I have just about ever met. I am lucky to still have them around!

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@Cruiser That’s so great about your Mom – our family is sorely lacking in happy people!

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My dad was TOUGH.He could handle anything.That man had no fear.
My mother was very sweet,kind-hearted ,lovely and very creative.

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My mom is very accepting of my quirks, even if she doesn’t understand them at all.

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I liked a lot of things about them, but I’ll highlight a few:

My parents gave me a lot of freedom and I appreciate that. I hear so much about kids being restricted in all sorts of things, forced to participate in activities they don’t want to do, scream at them for getting a B, but none of that ever happened to me. (Maybe because I was always a good student? I’m sure that has a lot to do with it). I had my own computer, didn’t have to worry about my parents spying on me (they trusted me and had every reason to), I could hang out when I wanted as long as I came back before curfew, I was never “forced” to eat food, etc. I was also never corporally punished and I’m glad for that.

My parents are both very calm and aren’t the type who go into yelling fits. They were always understanding and wanted to hear any issues we were having and acted as counselors in many ways. They also could not have been more supportive of my homosexuality. My mom and I have many interests in common like gardening, classical music, open houses, and it was so fun doing things with her. Same with my dad when it came to the outdoors and computers. It’s also very clear that my parents are very intelligent.

My parents were always well-known by other kids, partly because my mom was always involved in the PTA and met teachers and other students, even ones that I never hung out with. Kids always told me they liked my mom and dad and I loved hearing that.

They taught me how to do things for myself, they supported me, they comforted me, they were and are excellent. :)

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I’m glad I received this anti-aging DNA from them. And they’re also well to do people so I can ask almost anything I want when I was a child.

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My parents were very talented and did their best to raise their three children to be productive citizens and loving members of society, in spite of a lot of adversities. They married for life, and always worked hard.

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Daddy is a firefighter, & has helped people out of burning buildings when he was off work. We can talk & rant about everything: politics, religion, pyrotechnics, relationships, people….And he makes an effort to avoid smoking around me.

Mommy is used to be a great cook. Until she discovered frozen meals. We like a lot of the same music, & she doesn’t mind (& occasionally supports) my violent tendencies. She’s also not stingy with the alcohol.

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The first things that came to mind were these…haha: my mum is (usually) always willing to take us out to lunch. I love going out to eat. How can one NOT love such a parent?!?! Also, my dad can be quite funny sometimes. That’s a good thing for obvious reasons.

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they’re great when they’re drunk

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