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Maybe our universe was made by advanced scientists...

Asked by earthduzt (3231points) June 2nd, 2010

So I was watching this documentary and it was talking about how it is theoretically possible to create a big bang and then in turn create a universe. So I got to thinking maybe we are all wrong and maybe some very advanced civilization (I’m talking 14 billion years + more advanced than we are now) Maybe They were experimenting or did have the technology to create our universe. So the theory that our universe was created out of nothing is not really true. What happens is that they use the technology to create a big bang, but physics will not allow a universe to be created on top of a universe, so once they make a mini big bang, it rips a hole in spacetime and esentially goes into another dimension. It would be like blowing a soap bubble, then blow a bubble inside that and the new bubble pops out of the side of the original bubble. if you lived in the original bubble you wouldnt be able to see whats going on the bubble that popped out the side it would be its own universe. So maybe our “God” is actually some scientists that were experimenting and created us and maybe their “God” are also some scientists that did the same thing…maybe all universes are made by a bunch of infinite scientists.

my head hurts

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It’s an interesting theory aside from being virtually impossible to prove, it would just raise more questions. Who created the advanced scientists? Why did they do it? But you can never rule out anything in this life.

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@TooBlue right, yeah that’s why my head hurts

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“So I got to thinking maybe we are all wrong” …except @RealEyesRealizeRealLies

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Clarke’s Third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

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It reminds me of the closing scene of Men in Black, where it zooms our and then shows the Milky way in a marble and some alien is playing it as a shooter. We may think of our galaxy and universe as really big, but we may actually be a fleck of dust under someone’s fingernail.

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I can not dismiss this logic as the universe is infinite and as such anything is theoretically possible, though this is, of course, impossible to prove, but it still gets you back to the question of who created them, where did they come from and such. You will always lead back to the first one and questioning how its existence came to be.

anyone remember the episode of earthworm jim where he discovered the whole universe was contained in a snow globe?

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Love Clarke’s 3rd law…cited it once in an essay…. :) I love your idea @earthduzt especially the bubble bit :-) but yes… the ever regressing problem…something to do with homunculi and whatnot but outward rather than inward… sorry head is not functioning very well at the moment

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maybe our universe is made of huge turtles which stay one on top of the another and they hold our universe which is a disc.(A brief History of time)
both things are possible and we can’t prove none of this

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@Christian95 I thought that was from the Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series or something… did someone steal it?

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@lynneblundell I don’t know I read in a Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking which was written before Terry Pratchett’s books

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The turtle thing? In “The King And I”, the King of Siam explained his cosmology to Anna that way.

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oh crikey…seems to have quite a history! :-/

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I know none of this can be proved at least not yet, but whos to say those advanced people that made us can’t prove that we exists being that they are so far ahead of us maybe they have a technology that proves that we exists and maybe in a few million years or something when we finally evolve to their status we will be able to prove it? I was just thinking about i, I like thinking about things that make my head explode. About the answer to who made the very first scientist that would be up to the first scientist to figure that out…wouldn’t our “God” be though, our scientist? I mean he did create us it’s up to the other universes to figure out who made them.

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@majorrich Isaac Asimov had a wonderful short story in which a scientist injected himself with a serum to make himself shrink. After he reached molecular size, he suddenly found himself in another universe (e.g. that universe was only a single molecule in ours). This continued ad infinitum.

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This would be nothing than a hypothesis. We don’t know the very first life form ever created in the what so-called very first universe. since we lost that and other fundamentalism we’ll never know the ‘truth’ about this universe,and many speculation will branch from one source to another as many people might think differently. We’re just guessing from what we know now.
the most important thing here is ‘proof’ and without that any speculation and theory will remain fantasy.

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Or maybe we’re all in an advanced computer program? kinda like Matrix style, or maybe Ghost In The Shell status!?!? it really is awesome; nothing is impossible

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The Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI firmly believed that the entire universe was, in fact, sneezed out of the nose of a being called the Great Green Arkleseizure.

The Jatravartids, who lived in perpetual fear of the time they called “The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief” were small, blue creatures with more than fifty arms each. They were unique in being the only race in history to have invented the aerosol deodorant before the wheel.

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maybe the universe gets created in CERN some time in the future… so yes…10th dimentionaly speaking

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@uberbatman Yes, but do they have their towels…

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Well, if our scientists succeed to create a new one…

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@Dr_Dredd ohhh yesssss they’re a bunch of hoopy froods who really know where their towels are

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You remind me of an episode of a webcomic that I once read.

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lol Mad Scientist. whatever I’m in let’s do it…“now where did I put my lab coat”

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xkcd….always relevant.

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