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Baby boy name suggestions?

Asked by jenandcolin (2301points) June 2nd, 2010

My husband and I are expecting our first child in about 2 months. We still haven’t decided on a first name (his middle name will be Anthony, after my father).
We like unique but not odd names (if that makes any sense).
I, being a Jennifer, grew up with a very popular name and wasn’t particularly fond of it. So very popular names are out.
So far we like: Kempton, Cody, Jackson (I think number 20 on the most popular baby name list- so this one may be out), Sawyer and Nolen.
I have the baby name books but somethings seeing things in another context (in a forum, not a book) can bring a new perspective. Anyone have a suggestion?

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No Braiden, Caiden names. Ugh (unless you want to).

I like Everett (Rett for short)

Everett Anthony.

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Wolfgang, Maxim, or Jake

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lachlan. lockie for short

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Also, congratulations!

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@Adirondackwannabe Maxim? Seriously? :)

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I like all those names. Colin is my husband’s name and @jjmah I know! My nephew is Kaden and I know three other Cadens/Kadens/Caidens. That name got so popular so fast!

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Yeah, I second the ”-aden” craze is out. Aaden, Braiden, Jayden, Kaden, lsndlkgjngrkjabwrkgjbgr Urgh, people.

I love “Sawyer”. I have a thing for old names. My next son will be “Arthur Myron”. ^_^

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@jenandcolin I had never heard the name Collin until recently. I had heard of boys named Collins (mom’s maiden).

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@perspicacious It’s a great name. Actually, Colin is my favorite name but we don’t really want to name our son Colin (afraid it might cause confusion). He gets Collins all the time (for pizza orders, things like that). If we did go with Colin, we were going to call him CAM (those would be his initials) but, we still think it might get confusing…

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Charles (Chaz) :-)

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Levi or Marc. My Son’s name I of course love, Ryan, but that’s hardly unique.

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Omar Anthony

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@jjmah As in Afinogenov. :)
Also made a few mean machine guns.

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Morgan, Graeme, Ian

I like Celtic names for boys.

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@jjmah I thought that would go over most everybody’s head.

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Armadeus, William,or Jimah

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A first name has to sound good together with the family name, i think.
I like Dario.

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I also love the name “Everett”. I don’t even know anyone with that name, but I love it. I am definitely naming my son that if I ever have one. :)

I also love my boyfriend’s name “Rory”. It’s like the most adorable boy name ever. :P Not sure if that’s what you’re going for…

Recently, I’ve gotten to really like “Rylan”.

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Aeneas. He was a Trojan hero, the son of Anchises & Aphrodite.

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Ethan and Evan

(I love Colin too – named my first son that.)

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Ian. It sounds oriental.

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I like the sound of Grayson Anthony

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The names I like are too weird for most.

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John anthony, i just love the name andrew, craig anthony, jonathan anthony, lucas anthony, nicholas anthony, kohl anthony, ace anthony, elliot anthony, adam anthony i love adam!!, Kody anthony, LOGAN ANTHONY i love the name logan so much.
hoped it helped you get some ideas! i’m 13 and wish to have 3 boys and 2 girls i will name them jonathan, logan, and andrew, and the girls would be olivia, and brooklyn

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also emilio!!! emilio anthony.. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!

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I don’t think you have to be original to have a name that is not found everywhere. Oddly my boys names are what I would thing of as pretty regular names, but nobody in their school even has the same names as them.

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Has anyone suggested Percival yet?

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