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How to get rid of large recent mushroom patch in middle of the yard?

Asked by tranquilsea (17758points) June 2nd, 2010

Our neighbourhood has recently been overrun by mushrooms. Our neighbour three doors down uncovered a dead patch of grass in the middle of his yard last year to find an enormous amount of mushrooms.

Our grass has just recently turned green after a long winter and I’ve noticed a similar brown patch in the middle of our yard. How can I get rid of the mushrooms in the most environmentally responsible way?

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Mushrooms are the reproductive fruit of a fungus. They come from spores, and spores are everywhere. They like to grow where it is dark, damp, and fertile. The best way to get rid of them is to keep the grass short, eliminate leaves and other fallen vegetation and branches, clean up animal poop, and reduce shady areas. Pick the mushrooms as soon as you see them before they drop spores. If all else fails, spread a fungicide that you get at the same place you buy other plant and lawn products

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@josie gave you a very good answer. The only thing I can add is to power rake and aerate the lawn.

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The strange thing about this infestation is that we are in drought and the lawn is very dry. We keep the length of the grass fairly short but not too short as we don’t get much rain. I expect to see mushrooms in shady places so I am puzzled as to why these have shown up in a fairly sunny spot.

@josie and @UScitizen thanks for the answers :-)

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If it is sunny, dig a big hole and plant a showy rugosa rose. It will look natural, will bloom all season, will get big (like a nice bush) and will prevent the mushrooms from springing up (in that particular spot).

( am really very anti-spraying. It eventually seeps into the water table where it does no one any good. Just mow over therm when you do your lawn. They don’t really bother anyone.

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The brown patch can also be a fungus. Where all of the fertilizer and grass seed is at your local Home Depot or similar store, there will also be a product for fungus. Comes in a granule type of thing that you can just spread on the lawn. It works.

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If they are morel mushrooms, I’ll give you my address! Ummmm.

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@MissA I would love to know what type of mushrooms these are. I hadn’t seen a mushroom in my city since we moved here and then bam they started to pop up everywhere.

Now I wish some yeast would blow through so I can get a natural sour starter going.

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I got a bunch of mushrooms in my yard. It took me a while to piece it all together, but the mushrooms grew out of the ground where there had been roots from a very large tree I took out about 8 years ago or so. Not sure if that helps . . .

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We have a very large tree in front of this house with tree roots that have grown under the sidewalk and up onto the lawn, but that tree is very much alive.

I guess I’ll just keep an eye on it for now.

Thanks for all the replies.

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Lime will work to dry them out and sweeten the lawn also.

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Thanks! My neighbour used diesel fuel but I am sure he may the type of guy who fishes with dynamite.

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@tranquilsea: A big boo boo. If you have a well, you might want to speak to him or buy bottled water to drink. In any case, he is seriously polluting the water table. His grandchildren may pay the price.

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@gailcalled I have found with guys like that that they really don’t care. He told me that they do the same thing at the golf course he works at. Makes me shake my head.

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@tranquilsea: I know. We have a week-end family up here who just tore down a very nice 3000 sq.ft. house and rebuilt a grotesque 8000 sq.foot one. They leave the AC running whether they are in residence or not.

We are thinking of drafting a note from “your neighbors” and nailing it to his front door, like Martin Luther. But, I don’t think much will change. Some people feel entitled to hog the resources.

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