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Should Turkey address its genocidal history?

Asked by shilolo (18038points) June 2nd, 2010

Much in the news these days is Turkey’s displeasure with Israel and the deaths of 9 people on board the blockade busting flotilla. Some leaders in Turkey have gone so far as to call it a massacre. With that in mind, should Turkey acknowledge it’s own sordid history? Why have they refused to address this dark part in their history?

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Accept responsibility and subject oneself to criticism? It is difficult to get individuals to do so. Leaders and politicians? I wouldn’t hold my breath. It is a sad part of human nature and for those seeking power and acceptance, it’s nearly always self-destructive. Too bad more people won’t admit shortcomings and accept responsibility for their own actions. Besides, what the hell would we do with all the unemployed spin doctors? See ya….Gary/wtf
PS: As always, great to see you Doc!

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As long as Turkey does not acknowledge the

they do not meet the criteria for their application to join the EU.

I would expect that Israel has got higher standards than Turkey and does not take them as their role model.

Does the US use Saudi-Arabia or China as their role model?

If Turkey makes mistakes this is no reason for Israel to make mistakes as well.

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