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Do you use the same user names and passwords for all of your websites, accounts, etc...?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) June 2nd, 2010

I’m constantly creating accounts for something (banks, job searching sites, magazines, cooking sites, credit cards, etc…) and often times, I use a variation of 2 passwords, and 2 user names. I have 2 email addresses – one for everything and one for seriousness.

Do you have different e-mails/user names for different accounts? What about passwords? Is it unsafe to use the same password for most accounts?

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NO! I user differnent passwords. It’s particularly risky to use the same password in more than one place as your user name for most websites is your email address and some idiot website owners keep user names and passwords in plain text data bases

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Your practice is not considered best practice for security. You can use a utility such as LastPass which will generate a new, difficult password for you at each site that you use, remember it, and log you in automatically. You need then only have one well-crafted secure password to memorize, and that one will unlock all the others.

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No, I do them all up differently because to do otherwise is unsafe.

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I use to control 5 different email accounts – some were personal and some were for work. They all had different passwords. Now, I only control 3 of them. I have many different passwords in circulation for everything I use from email to social sites to my banking. Somehow I manage to remember which password belongs to which website. I feel safer when I have many different passwords as opposed to just two or three and they aren’t predictable either. I don’t use my year of birth or my last name. I also use different usernames. I would take @dpworkin‘s advice if I were you, if you have a hard time remembering many different passwords because it’s not safe to resort to only using several for everything you have.

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I have two email addresses where to websites can send their new passwords for me.
Those are needed because i have three to four variations on my username and password and i mix them up all the time, every day, on every website or -service.
If it is not (for example) cookie39 and 3499Bari then i will try 1939cookies and Bari3499 and so on, and so on.

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I use the same user name most everywhere (DeivantART, Gaia, Fluther etc.), but passwords are changed for security.

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I have a few variants I use depending on how secure I feel the site needs to be kept.

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I certainly do not use the same user name. Every site that requires a user name I will probably use a different one than anything I’ve used before.

As for passwords, I typically use 1 of 4 different passwords (and 2 get more usage than the others). Yes, I know it’s “unsafe”; I don’t really care. :\

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same, same. Why is it so unsafe? I am such a tiny cog who owns very little.

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None of your business!! :-)

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I don’t use the same passwords, but I’ve been using “mrentropy” since the Dark Ages, when BBS’ roamed the Earth.

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Not the same name, but I have my strong Password and I don’t like to so I don’t have to guess, it is the same one in all

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Does’t matter how strong your password is, if the website is storing it in a plain text database (and apparently 30% do – anybody remember Rockyou?) then it is pretty easy to access. Combine that with your email address and the info you may have posted on Facebook and your identity ain’t your own anymore)

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ummmm – none of your business. (no, I don’t)

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I use one of two basic passwords, depending upon the need for security at the site. BUT…there will be a change for each site in the basic password, which is determined by a system I will not reveal. But it’s easy for me to remember, thus not requiring me to post the words ANYWHERE.

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I always use XOIIO unless it is taken, then I double it as I had to on youtube. I use different passwords for most things. The only time I won`t use XOIIO is if I am registering for a site that I don`t want to be affiliated with the rest of my life.

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And I have 3 emails, I used to have 5 LOL. Popscilover is for good sites, inventinggenus is for sites that might give spam or I am just checking out, and a last secret one for `private`sites.

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I have 3 usernames I use in different places. My passwords are similar to @eden2eve ‘s – they comprise a code unique to each website, and because I know how the code is worked out, I know the password.

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