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Some good forums for mid-late twenties career/life advice?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) June 2nd, 2010

Having trouble finding forums, as opposed to blogs, on career, financial, health relationship and life advice for people in the 25–30 age range. I’ve been reading but it’s very depressing, and, and are very social-networking focused, which gets annoying. Any good sites out there?

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What exactly are you searching for? Are you searching for kindred spirits or counseling? Do you want specific answers or to talk about and around it?

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I go to the iVillage message boards a lot. They have a lot of different boards, so there might be something there for you as well (depending on what you are looking for).

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well, I identify with that age group; and I’m sure there are jellies floating around.
As @MissA asks, what is it that you are looking for?

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Not sure about advice for careers or anything else. However, there is one site I found for job searching that compiles job listings from all the major internet job boards.

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@MissA I’m looking for forums oriented to young adults aged 25–30 regarding all aspects of life: careers, finances, health, relationships, etc… Thought that was pretty clear in my question?

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@mirifique If you can’t find one then their is a need for one… go start one and don’t forget to tell us where we can join…I’m 32 if you want to PM me and we can meet in chat or something

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There’s a great blog my friend started about aging and the late twenties. it’s also very funny.

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