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What should I do in Universal Studios, CA?

Asked by VohuManah (1939points) June 2nd, 2010

Next week, I’ll be going to Universal Studios in Los Angeles as part of a school trip, and want to know what rides, games, attractions, and shops my fellow flutherites enjoyed. I’ll have the whole day to spend, and have no problem with physical requirements.

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Definitely try to go on all of the rides.
Be sure to spend time at Universal CityWalk and check out all of the dining and shopping there.
Ride the bull at the Saddle Rack.
You’ll have a blast. :)

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When we go, we just start at one side and work our way around the park. Some of the more active rides are on the lower level, so you might want to go there first.

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Take the backlot tour, definitely.

Also, there is a store at CityWalk that sells all kinds of chocolate. They have a great Mexican hot chocolate

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The last time I remembered, I liked the Jurassic Park and The Simpsons rides. The studio tour is definitely a must.

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If the have the option of buying the Fast Pass, I would definitely do it. You get to skip all lines…

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