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Should I buy an Ipad 3G and do away with my iphone?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) June 2nd, 2010

There are costs involved with maintaining an Iphone data plan, those costs they are a-changing…

But still I am trying to weigh the differences in prices, pros and cons. I imagine lots of us are facing the same dilemmas.

There is also a 4G iphone which will be released promptly.

What to do, What to do…

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As of right now, the ipad does not have telephone capability afaik.

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skype’ll do, I don’t make beaucoup calls.

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I wouldn’t. It just seems like the iPad would make for a rather cumbersome and awkward full time mobile phone. Maybe it’s just me, but I like having a cell phone I can hold in my hand.

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Well, I am not saying it is either or. But there are a bunch of options… I was wondering how other At&t users are going through the paces.

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@Ltryptophan My dear friend, I think you actually did phrase the question in a rather either/or fashion, if I am not mistaken. :-)

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@lillycoyote are you saying that I would say something is either or, and then recant that and say it is not either or! Is that what you are saying! B/C I Just did that…so what are you saying…lol

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Personally, from what I’ve read today about AT&T doing away with their unlimited data plans, I would be worried about getting an AT&T plan with an iPad. I would just be too likely to have a high usage and get charged a fortune.

I think it depends on what you really want the iPad for and what you intend to do with it versus how you use your iPhone.

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Well, the way I see it Ipad has these better features:

Bigger screen, easier typing, access to some content that will be more user friendly because of the big screen, magazines…idk what else…

Whereas the 4G I know will be able to tether, and have video chat, and still surf pretty well, as well as some other features… When I say keep my Iphone, please read there 4G upon arrival. But the 4G won’t work at first for months or more maybe, especially out here in Louisiana.

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@Ltryptophan What I am saying is that you asked, and I am quoting here, :) “Should I buy an iPad 3G and do away with my iPhone?” That sounds like you were going to end up with either and iPad or an iPhone, but not both. You seem to be trying to make a decision as to one or the other. Am I missing something here? :-)

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@lillycoyote Not that serious, just discussing the pros and cons of having one or the other, and also a slew of new plans…

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@Ltryptophan I’m not being that serious either. Didn’t you see all the smile icons? I’m just giving you a hard time because I like you. Anyway, I already mentioned what I thought the cons might be, at least to me, in my first post.

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@lillycoyote what is that critter there…

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@Ltryptophan I don’t really know what it is. I just found it to be both kind of cute and kind of disturbing in just about equal measure. That’s why I like it.

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are those constellations on its body

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If you don’t want to be able to make phone calls, go for it!

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@Ltryptophan Yes, I think they are, at least they are constellation-like. I lifted the thing off this website: where artists and craftspersons put their work up for sale. I’m sure I’m violating someone’s copyright, unless this fall under “fair use” but… was just over there trying to track down the artist so I could at least acknowledge her but no luck.

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@Ltryptophan and @lillycoyote

Yes or no: should you get a room, or not?

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The size is only a bonus. Who needs a hand-help tiny phone when all you need is a bluetooth earpiece – then you have all the benefits of a big screen.

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@susanc LOL. I can’t help it. For some reason I just really like that crazy little amino acid.

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If you have the unlimited data plan with the iPhone now, you will not lose it unless you change your plan at some future point.

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@Ltryptophan Last I checked, Skype and similar services were blocked by Apple, and any app that allows that functionality would be barred from the App Store. In other words, if you want to have voice communications with somebody, then it’s either iPhone or ditch Apple.

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@jerv, my iphone has skype and it makes calls just fine. I guess it works with the wifi connection only, but I’ll check…

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@Ltryptophan It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I am wrong. Or maybe things changed.

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I wouldn’t use the iPad as a replacement for anything. To me it’s just one of those extra devices that you don’t really need, doesn’t have a particular use that is essential for the modern person, and is just something you would buy to entertain yourself if you have a few hundred dollars to spare.

From my point of view:

Phone: Calling, text, essential for communicating with others quickly, especially in urgent situations, portable.

Computer/laptop: Fast internet access, essential for creating documents, media editing, complicated tasking, reliable.

iPad: blurghhhh…haha well there are a few good things…just not really essential.

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@jerv I use Skype on my iPod Touch with no problem. It just requires that I have a wi-fi connection.

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Seems a bit cumbersome to me. I mean what’s great about modern cellphones is you can whip them out without much notice when you need to look something up on the fly but that could be a good deal more awkward with an ipad. Same thing with communication – if I need to text a cellphone is going to be a hell of a lot quicker and more convenient. I just don’t think ipads are great “on the fly” devices, which is what cellphones rock at.

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Just so you know, Skype 2.0 now permits you to make calls over 3G. It’s in the App Store now.

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The iPad isn’t a phone, so no, I wouldn’t suggest you do away with your iPhone.

You can tether your iPhone to the iPad if you have it jailbroken, and share the 3G network from the phone to iPad over bluetooth, perhaps thats an option?

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To expand on what @hug_of_war said, would you carry an iPad on your hip?

Smartphones, tablets, full-on laptops, and desktop computers all serve different purposes. The iPad cannot substitute for a phone (it’s too big) or a real computer (it’s too slow/weak), so it really is a niche item. Granted, that niche is a popular one, but try playing Crysis on it, or carrying it at-the-ready in a hip holster and you will see that it (and any other tablet yet to come) is not a panacea.

When I need new steel-toed boots for work, I do not by a toaster-oven, even though both have metal in them. When I need a car, I do not buy a sofa, even though both have places to sit.

Think about what you really need, and then make your buying decision accordingly. That is why I have both a cellphone and a laptop. There is no single device that can cover all of my needs. I do not want to carry a phone that can display an 8–½“x11” page at full width in a legible size, nor do I want a phone that I cannot fit into my pocket.

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I like the new ipad.

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