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What is the difference between ethics and morality?

Asked by AHC898 (68points) June 2nd, 2010

They are synonyms but what are some of the things that set the two apart?

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I slept with George Michael’s ethics teacher, not his morality teacher.

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Essentially, morality is an internal system of dos and don’ts. Ethics is the behavior motivated by a moral system in a social context. Morality is internal, while ethics is external. Morality dictates ethics.

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@CaptainHarley makes a valid broad-based assessment. However, the answer depends upon the actual usage of comparisons.

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Lets say you won’t have sex before you marry. The only thing stopping you is your morals. Ethically there is nothing stopping you unless you live in a country where that is a major offense. So Ethically in this country sex isn’t frown upon before marriage unless it is done without the consent of the other person (rape) or in the act of prostitution.

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Do people have their own ethics? Or just their own morals?

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Ethics are always relative to one’s environment (that is, one’s ethos). Morality, if it exists, is an internally-derived understanding of right and wrong. It’s entirely possible for ethics and morality to be opposed to each other. For example, it’s very clear that most people consider it to be ethical to smoke marijuana. Most people do (or have done so). It’s also very clear that a large number of people consider it to be wrong to do so, making it also immoral. Likewise other popular crimes such as gambling, prostitution, and cheating on taxes. They are so commonly done that we must accept them as ethical, despite the fact that many find them immoral.

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Morals refer to one’s philosophy of right and wrong. Ethics refer to a group/culture/profession’s philosophy of right and wrong within that group/culture/profession.

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