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Do I really need to go to the doctor?

Asked by mil (4points) March 16th, 2008

I had an injury with a hacksaw the other day. I cut into my index finger and a lot of blood came out. It stopped bleeding very quickly and seems to be healing well enough. But, the inside of my finger (towards the thumb) is numb. Ideally, I would have gone to the doctor, as it would be better with stitches, but I live in america and dont have health insurance.
So I cut my nerve, I guess. Will this heal over time, or does a doctor need 2000 dollars to stick a tool in and wiggle it around or whatever? Are there any products which stimulate nerve growth?

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Your nerve is unlikely to heal without surgery. You may also get a wound infection. If I were you, I’d get it looked at and soon.

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I answered this before. Did you flag it?

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doctors know best,don’t take chances

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I didn’t know that you couldn’t have health insurance in America.

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Your finger might be numb from swelling.

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Your statements about America and treatment are innacurate. It would not cost you $2000 to have some doctor stick a tool in it and wiggle it around. As I stated in my previous statement that apparently got flagged, you would have been treated in an ER and if you couldn’t pay, the taxpayers would have.
For now, according to my ER doc brother in law and my father in law, who is a doctor, you can have it checked out for about $60 bucks for a doctor visit and maybe a prescription for pain if there is any. Since you did not get it stiched up, they probably would not do it now unless you wanted it.Yes they would charge, that is how they make a living. Most people charge for their work. However, they would not stick an instrument in your finger and wiggle it around. There is probably not much they could do about nerve damage.Again, this is according to some doctors.
As for health care here in America, had you gone to Canada, you would still be waiting for treatment and if it required a specialist, plan on a two year plus wait for that. Again, according to friends of mine who have lived in that system and moved to the US so they could get a neurosurgeon to treat their daughter because after a two year wait in Canada, they decided it was worth whatever it cost to get her treated. And she would have died waiting under the free system in Canada, according to the specialists they got to see here, but yes, they had to wait two weeks to get in here under our system, but their daughter is alive and well now.

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Speaking as a healthcare professional who also is underinsured, I understand your plight. If you can’t afford a doctor visit right now, and numbness is the only symptom you have, you might be ok doing what you are doing. But keep in mind that any nerve damage that has been caused may not improve without medical intervention. If there is no sign of infection, ie swelling, redness, warm to touch, etc. and the wound is closed and healing on it’s own, you might be ok.

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You could potentially have an infection of the digit and/or have done damage to the bone. Look for a clinic with a sliding scale and let someone qualified determine if you need any diagnostics or treatment. The last thing you want to deal with is looking back after losing a finger or something else horrible (staph infection) and regretting not going.

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don’t go and see if it falls off or something.

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