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How do I refill my color printer ink?

Asked by PaulWhite (3points) June 3rd, 2010

How do I refill my color printer ink?

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Take it into Costco. They’ll do it for about $10. Of course you have to have to be a member.

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If you have this printer! all you need to do is get a new felt-tip pen (video is definetly worth watching!).

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I replace mine at Best Buy! There are lots of sites on the internet to replace them. I’ve never used them. Here is one! You might check out if there has been any complaints on the site before using it.|17992|hp%20ink||S|b|4791065413

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Walgreens fills them, too.

They also sell kits to refill them yourself at Staples, but it is a lot of hassle, and more trouble than it’s worth.

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