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What would be your prize for someone who find and give back your wallet/purse?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) June 3rd, 2010

Somehow you lost your wallet/purse somewhere else and you didn’t realize about it till it’s too late! But something happens,someone who find your wallet/purse is kind enough to give it back to you. You check all your belongings and everything seem just fine. Do you think just a “thank you” is enough for you? What will you do to this person?

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Usually if you lose a wallet with cash in it (at least in NYC) you may get it returned but the cash is almost always gone. I offer a $20.

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I would give them a cash reward.It makes them go away happy,but
a thank you is all I ever wanted when I have found things that weren’t mine.I think it is weird to expect to be rewarded for doing the right thing.

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I’ve returned a lady’s purse after finding it left in the middle of an aisle at Target. I knew it was hers so I found her and gave it back. She seemed very ungrateful. She mumbled a quick “thanks” and walked away.

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A big wet kiss.

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Hand delivered to my house after having it lost for more than an hour, i’d immediately cut a check for $100. The pain of replacing all my info deserves this reward. I’d still get new cc numbers though.

Someone sees me drop it hand hands it to me, a nice “thank you”

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@ItalianPrincess1217 And what you expect that lady should do to you?

@cprevite Yucks! LOL.

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*tax included

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You’re serious? Not a f***ing chance this will happen in NYS.

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@Doctor_D: Some people would covet a kiss from me. OK – a few (very few?)...but still.

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@Adirondackwannabe Not everyone live in NYS.

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@Doctor_D A genuine smile would have made me happy.

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Depends on the amount of money in the wallet. Think @dpworkin mentioned a reasonable amount. But, if there was lots of money in the wallet, the price of bananas just went up! More than $20 would be necessary for returning a wallet with substantial amount of cash returned!

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I had that happen not too long ago…I left my wallet on the shopping cart…it was late and dark and just didn’t see it. The store called and alerted me to that fact that a lady had found it out in the parking lot and my heart stopped as I knew I had a lot of cash in it. I sped back to the store, the manager handed me my wallet and all the money everything was there. I would have given her a nice reward but she didn’t leave her name.

I lost my video camera twice and got it back both times. The 1st time was on 9/11 when our plane was “forced” to make an emergency landing during all that chaos we were rushed off the plane and I left it under my seat. I got it back after security apparently took great interest in it for the better part of the day.

After rescheduling our trip a month later, I again left the same camera on the shuttle, again it was dark and just didn’t see it. To my horror when I discovered it missing, I called the shuttle who did not find it. At 4 am the shuttle company called and said they had found it. This bag also had my digital camera and my entire trip of pics and vids from my parents 50th anniversary party were on it. When I claimed my gear I expressed my surprise over it being turned in and the clerk said “that stuff ain’t nothing! You should see the stuff we get over here!” “Mink coats, TV’s, Diamond jewelry” I offered her a tip but she said she could lose her job if she did! Amazing!

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@Doctor_D Understood. How’s this for a comparison:Someone stole a handicapped access ramp from a house a few days ago. Think your getting the wallet back now?

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@Adirondackwannabe I guess the action would be differ from one individual to another. But I just wonder why people in big cities like NY for example want take that chance. I believe most of them are quite sophisticated and well to do. I think your example still gives a sense anyway.

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@Doctor_D I’m 4 hours from NYC. You probably have a better chance of getting the wallet back in NYC than you would in this area. People in this area suck.

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Why do they need a reward for being a decent human being?

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Do what seems right to your heart. A truly decent person wouldn’t want a reward…but, a truly grateful person would want to do something kind in return. Whatever you decide…be sure it’s what YOU feel is right…not what is expected.

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A huge smile, a bit hug and 20% of the value of the contents.

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@partyparty How do you arrive a value for the contents? Are you talking about cash…the value of the purse itself? Sometimes, the content is simply priceless, even though it means little to the finder.

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@meagan They don’t ask you,it’s how you show how grateful you are.

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@Doctor_D Should I pay someone for saving my life? Thats the real question. Returning my purse will be small beans ;P

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@MissA Yes I suppose I am talking cash. Photos, debit/credit cards, sentimental items can’t have a true value, only what you yourself think they are worth. Nevertheless I would still offer them a cash reward, because I would be so very grateful to get it back.

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A lemon pie.

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This actually happened to me. I have a small billfold that I carry in my tool bag while I’m riding my bike. I don’t keep much in it, just a piece of ID and around $10 in cash to pay for cold drinks and snacks. I had to fix a tire on the trail one day and forgot to put it back in my tool bag. I figured I was out one cheap wallet and ten bucks.

A few days later, the police called to tell me someone had turned in my wallet. I went to the station to pick it up. The money was still in it! I asked the desk sergeant for the name of the person who turned it in, but he told me he couldn’t say.

Whoever you are – I have a case of your favorite beer waiting for you. That would cost me more than 10 bucks, but you’re a class act.

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A pen cap. Not the whole pen, just the cap.

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Well for me i would probably offer to take them to lunch or buy the person something they want.

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I would offer them a huge thank you and a monetary award despite the fact that the individual is a decent human being. My appreciation to them in offering a reward is me being a very grateful human being.

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Taco Coupons. You know, Tacoupons.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I had a similar situation at a grocery store. I was walking around with my boyfriend at the time and we found it. We went to the customer service desk to turn it in and there was a woman there all shook up about her lost wallet. We gave it to her and she looked at us in disgust… like she assumed we were some hoodlums who had swiped all her cash. She didn’t say “thank you” or anything.

I’d give them whatever I could afford at the time. $20 seems fair.

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I’d give them a cash reward, probably at least $20, unless there was a huge amount of cash in there, then 10%.

Edit: You people are badmouthing NYC for no good reason. This article places them #5 most honest city in the world, and I saw a similar report on TV where actual wallets were ‘lost’ and NYC came in #1 in the U. S. for returns.

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Doggy treats. I always have too many of those in my pockets anyway. They get doggy treats.

sit booboo, sit

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I’d be happy enough to have all my cards and passes back. They could have what cash is in there, if they’d expect a reward. It usually won’t be a lot anyway.

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I would probably offer a small cash reward for finding it. Usually though, people will not take it.

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If my wallet then a great big thanks and I’d ask them to lunch. No matter how long the item had been missing, I’d change my bank card anyhow. If one of my handbags then I’d offer to take them to lunch and if they refused then I’d offer $50. cash and hope they’d take it.

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