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Is there a religion in which a man is not allowed to touch his own penis?

Asked by janbb (54154points) June 3rd, 2010

This came up (as it were) in the woman’s bathroom question today. Someone’s roommate claimed that he fouled the toilet because he wasn’t allowed to touch himself due to his religion. Anyone ever heard about this? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Religion is the best at this wacky BS, I’m sure there is one (or 30) out there.

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I thought I was the only member! I have a co-religionist? I wonder why someone in his entourage of nubile Asian twin beauty contest winners didn’t handle it for him. They do mine.

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How are you defining the term “member”?

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You do it. As I said, I have other people handle that sort of thing for me.

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My people will talk to your people.

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what would dalai lama do?

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The question is more, “What does the Dalai Lama do?”

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That’s just nasty

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I knew I’d see this question after that other one.

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I’m a surprised a masturbation joke hasn’t come up yet. Very disappointing Fluther.

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So are these people not allowed to make…ahem…“adjustments”?

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“come up?” tee hee…

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i’ve been around the block a few times..never heard that one!

a funny on “the penis!”

3 men walk into a bar.

After they drink a couple of beers they are ready to leave, but the bartender won’t let them unless they have 12 inches of penis between them.

The first guy whips his out and shows 6 inches.

The second guy drops his pants and shows 5 inches.

Finally, the third guy shows his 1 inch penis.

The bartender says “Ok, thats 12 inches you can go”.

As the’re walking away the first guy says to the third guy, “Thank god you had a boner or we’d still be there.”

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@Blackberry glad you got a good laugh my friend!

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Possible they just made it up. I would think that would create a lot of zipper accidents. I knew a girl once who didn’t like to bathe. She said it was against her religion. She didn’t have a religion. She just meant that she hated bathing. She would only wipe with a rag. One day she was really stinky and I tried to get her to bathe. She had that same look that cats get when they are going to get wet. Everyone else really thought it was her religion. She was just water phobic.
He simply may just have a phobia and figures when he mentions religion, people will ask no further.

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@Pandora Did you happen to notice if your friend foamed at the mouth any? Or was prone to senseless aggression? :D

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@Nullo. No she did not have rabies. LOL Some people simply have wierd phobias. I once saw a talk show about people with really irrational phobias. One guy couldn’t crap in his bathroom. He thought it too germy and so he crapped outside. If he had to get dirty only one hand was allowed to touch his body. That was the hand that would stay in his pocket. The other hand touch things around him, like door knobs and such.

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I know One thing. A religion like that would go outta business before it even got started.

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Well, you know, you’re gonna go BLIND if you don’t stop that!

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