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Am I leading this girl on? (Details inside)

Asked by randomid (1points) June 3rd, 2010

Here is the story:

I’m leaving the job and country I’m currently in 5 weeks form now.
A week ago, I asked out this girl at work. Thing is, she works in HR, and knew who I was as “the guy leaving in 6 weeks” before knowing me at all (as part of her job).
Is this bad? Might she think I’m willing to stay back for a while? (I’m not, my life is moving on in the direction I’ve been planning for the past 2 years). How do I check? How do I be honest without hurting her?
I’ll provide more details as needed, not sure what to provide.

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You’re not leading her on if she knows you’re leaving. You need to make sure, 100%, absolutely sure she knows though.
Tell her. Don’t assume she knows anything. On your date or next time you talk, tell her about your travel plans, being sure to mention how long you’ll be gone.

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Are you “C”?

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I don’t think you are leading her on at this point. What are you hoping to develop from this date? Are you looking to start a relationship with her and then pursue a long-distance relationship or are you just looking for friendship? Whatever it is that you are looking for, just be up front and honest with her about it.

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You need to be straight with her right up front about leaving in five weeks. You need to assume she does not know from work.

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@janbb way to reference I adore you!

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I don’t get it. What is janbb referring to?

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LOL. I think he is C.

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What, you want a 6-week booty call and then leave town? Ask and see if she’s OK with that. She might be. Just be honest with her and yourself about what you’re expecting from only dating her for 6 weeks.

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You’ve asked her for one date and you are worried that she will want you to change your plans. That’s just a little too much confidence son.

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@randomid I’d like some details if yyou dont mind what did you do that would make her think that something is more than what it is??

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You start by talking her out for coffee, and saying, “I’m leaving the company and the country in 5 weeks, something I’ve been planning for the last two years.”

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