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Has one tried those little boxes that you point at a dog and it supposedly makes them stop barking?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) June 3rd, 2010

It’s supposed to use super sonic sound waves or something. On one of our local news channels they have this show once a week called, “Does it work?” They try out all the stuff that’s advertised in infomercials. My husband said that they said it does work.

Assuming it does work, my next concern would be, does it hurt the dog’s ears? And also, how in the world would it prompt them to stop barking?

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It breaks their concentration and pauses the barking. It can lose effectiveness if the trainer doesn’t fill the break with something they want the dog to do. Such as sit or to completely ignore the situation that made them bark.

It doesn’t hurt the dog’s ears as it’s within their range of hearing- it would be like a doorbell to us. Oh- hey! Wonder who’s at the door! It’s not a punishment tool, it’s a redirection tool.

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So it does work, @gemiwing?

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@Val123 It works well in the right hands, with the right technique. It will work on getting dogs not familiar with you to pause their barking- but without adding anything behind it, they will eventually become numb to its effects because it won’t have meaning behind it. It will become noise in the background.

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@gemiwing Thanks for the info! Now I understand why, in the commercial, the dog stops barking and sits down! I thought that was od…

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