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What does this mean , does it mean that he doesn't love me?

Asked by rere (93points) June 3rd, 2010

I love a guy but I think he doesn’t love me because last time we both were online and he didn’t chat with me ,and I opened my brother’s account and started a conversation with him and he answerd . So does this means that he doesn’t love me and what should I do I wanna him ?

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You cannot love someone that you have only spoken to online.

You don;t even know him.

You cannot read signs and portents about whether he has feelings for you from his actions or inactions.

If he loves you, he would tell you so.

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I wanna him too. But we both can’t havva him. Lol

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Have you ever met this guy? Did he ever tell you he loves you? If he’s never said he loves you, then he doesn’t love you. Why do you want to talk to someone that doesn’t want to talk to you?

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@Seaofclouds @TooBlue @marinelife I love him scince 14 years we know each other more than we know our selves and I see him alot.

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But has he ever said he loved you? How old are you now?

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@TooBlue Lmfao…...

@rere He does not love you.

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Too bad that you wanna him; because he doesn’t seem to wanna you. Oh, and he doesn’t love you either.

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Bovered, am I bovered though? Does my face look bovered?

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Once he loved you. Now he does not. Now he loves your brother.

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He does not love you.

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wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva

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