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How would life be different for humans if we had an exoskeleton?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) June 3rd, 2010
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Can our exoskeleton protect us from bullets? If so… oh, the possibilities and political craziness.

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I wouldn’t have all kinds of bruises of unknown origins anymore. That’d be pretty cool.

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We could have our clothes painted on.

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We wouldn’t have the kind of flexibility that we do now.

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The expression “thin skinned” would be used less frequently.

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Wow, I have arthritis so it would be fabulous! They could fix me up at an exo body shop. Or I could do it myself with duct tape and crazy glue!

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i think that we would likely be crushed to death by the weight of our own exoskeleton. Notice how only very small creatures have this.

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I was thingking the same thing, @AstroChuck

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I ate some Maryland soft shell crabs for dinner last night. The crabs are killed within one hour after shedding their exoskeletons so they are still soft.
If we had exos I imagine we’d turn it into a wild sex thing during that hour. Think we’d all taste like fish?

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