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What do you think of Dr. Oz's show?

Asked by flo (12981points) June 3rd, 2010

I remember when it first started, and it is not the same anymore. Would you like it to be more like the way it was or not?

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I don’t remember what it was like before. But I was in a position to be forced to view it again recently and I have to say I don’t see the need for it.

It reveals some pretty basic health information as if it were headline making news.

Maybe there are people who deserve to be treated as if they know absolutely NOTHING about their own bodies and health. But as far as me finding that experience entertaining enough to sit and watch…No.

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That’s is just it, it used to be more about medical info most likey not known by the average lay person. Lots of graphics, informative. Now it seems not so much. Now it looks more about him wanting to get people to get addicted to… There are too many times when he says you have to have…Often, he has guest expert/s in… I will let people who watch it notice it if it is really there.

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he was good on oprah, much like dr phil was. but neither needs their own show. they run out of things to discuss, talking EVERY day!

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@blueknight73 – I, obviously, agree with you on that :)

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I absolutely can’t stand the sight of it.

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The TV show is very boring. His books contain a lot of very useful information.

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When his show first began there was a variety of good info presented.

Nowadays, the entire bottom half (or more) of the show is devoted to his crusade of getting anybody and everybody to lose weight.

It’s becoming a mini version of The Biggest Loser. How many amazing weight loss stories do we need ?

On the plus side though, to be fair, the info presented is medically sound. He is a real Doctor (Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon) and I have picked up some interesting facts and tips.

He’s not a quack so I feel confident that the info being presented is well balanced and accurate. Any of the things I’ve done further research on, have been confirmed by other reputable medical sites such as Mayo Clinic or similar.

There was a big flap a while ago because some bogus health sites were making all types of unsupported claims about Acai Berry products and charging outrageous prices. They were using photos of both him and Oprah (TOTALLY UNAUTHORIZED) to create the impression of his endorsement. This was totally bogus and he acted swiftly to quash that nonsense.

Currently, I still watch it, bit just for the highlights and I FF thru the rest. A DVR is my best friend :)

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it boring UNLESS he miraculously has some New and Exciting Health News which is quite rare. I also am annoyed, though I don’t know why, with squealing, giggly audiences like he’s some heartthrob. Which to me is isn’t. And Dr Phil , although competent and intelligent, I find corny , dull and predictable.

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Content-wise, I basically agree with you. And I find the giggly schoolgirlish grown women really annoying.

However, you have to admit that, for a guy in his 50s he’s remarkably well preserved and in really good shape. And he is majorly cute.

He isn’t heartthrob material because he doesn’t give off that type of aura ( most likely cuz he’s quite happily married and not really on the prowl, so to speak.)

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I think Dr Phil is quite cute, yes, but something about him screams,
“I may have a Ph.d but I’m really no intellectual giant, regardless.”
I’m in the minority and I realize it . He would be fun to talk to but it creeps me out to think I’d know what he was going to say before he said it. lol

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Ha Ha. That is too funny.

I meant Dr. Oz since he is the topic of this Q, I guess I assumed everybody would know that. He still has a nice head of hair on him and thus succeeds in looking much cuter and younger than his actual age. He’s also the one who has the older ladies acting like giggly schoolgirls when he pulls one out of the audience to be his helper. I find THEM annoying in the extreme.

Dr. Phil definitely looks his age. Not that bad really, but not in consideration for the status of “majorly cute”. At least not in my eyes. Ha ha.

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I find this rings so true.
“How often does he talks about sex. Libido…you must have sex, need it for vascular… ......which foods are good for that…He takes a babnana an puts it up and smirks! He does with women audience members what couples do with each other, put food all over their face etc., he takes out his tougue and tries to lick the person’s hand…..
Putting his arm around a woman’s waist and squeeze her really tight….

He gets guest doctor who says “you should have sex 3 times a week.”

There is something fishy about how much time he gives to that topic and how much he casualizes sex, he never talks about how to protect yourself from STDs pregnancy, etc. he doesn’t talk like anyone responsible, especially for the time of day, as if there aren’t enough teenagers having children. He gets a “16 and pregnant” couple, on his show, as if! He looks like he is addicted to sex or something.”

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