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Is there any food that makes pee smell worse than asparagus does?

Asked by anartist (14779points) June 3rd, 2010

No need to explain if you eat asparagus.

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Not food, but my dauhter hates to take vit B compex tablets because they “make her pee stink”. I don’t notice that or the asparagus. Aren’t there some people who just don’t?


Vitamin tablets always makes my pee very odorous. It’s not a really terrible smell, but a very “chemically” kind of smell. Some may object to it a lot, but I am more shocked at the vivid deep yellow of my pee than by its peculiar smell. (.....blush)

Speaking about asparagus, I read somewhere that it is actually very good for you——-a potent “cancer fighter” with tons of anti-oxidants. That is why you smell it in your urine, it is so powerful.

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@faye your daughter is right! That’s one.
@MRSHINYSHOES glad to know my green pee is fighting for me!

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I’ve not experienced it, but I’ve read that garlic, curry, beer and coffee as well as asparagus can make your urine small really bad. However, if you drink lots of water, it won’t be so bad.

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@MissA water—the cure all clean all most common of solvents :-)

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@anartist You’re absolutely right.

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I can’t think of any foods that make it smell worse but eat enough beets and you can piss red.

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@MissA – And terrifying…it looks like you are pissing blood. :)

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@Merriment Does it smell like vinegar?

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@Merriment asparagus pee is green, beet pee is red. [this needs a rhyme]

Wow we can fill up those apothecary show globes that are so very collectible these days.

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‘Sparagus pee is green
Beet pee is red
If you’ve not eaten beets
Your red pee might find you dead

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I never mix asparagus with my pee. When I want my pee to smell fresh – I always add a little rose water to it.

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@zenele hahaha

@MissA cheerful.

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These are the possible causes of bad smelling pee:
* Vitamin B6 supplements
* Asparagus – may turn urine green color with odor.
* Diabetes
* Diabetic ketoacidosis
* Bacterial kidney infection
* Bacterial bladder infection
* Cystitis
* Kidney calculus

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@snowberry thank you for sharing that.
what did you eat last night?

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Turkey soup made from the carcass, which is what I ate today, and will eat tomorrow. I’m sick, and I don’t eat unless someone cooks for me. Family fixed it, so that’s the menu..

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Sugar Puffs (UK) – try them!

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