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Would you care to share your most loved pet stories of your now gone friends?

Asked by Coloma (47115points) June 3rd, 2010

Tell me about your most beloved and remembered pet.
Their quirks and traits and what made them so special to you?

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My mom and I used to have a dog named Micro. He was a West Highland White Terrier and kind of a crotchety old man dog. He would sit on the arm of the couch and boof irregularly. It would drive my mother and me nuts because we could never predict the next boof. He was also one of those dogs who watched and liked TV. He loved Lassie but hated bug shows. Whenever a bug came on the screen, he would start barking wildly and backing away. he was also one of those few dogs brave enough to take on the vacuum cleaner. He always emerged triumphant and the vacuum cleaner would return to the closet, absolutely terrified. :)

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She loved me unconditionally.

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Awwww…what was she? A Chow/Shepherd mix maybe?
What a face!

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@Coloma Her Mom – Chow/Akida; Dad – Rottweiler

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My family used to have a dachshund names Riley. My parents picked her out because she was soooo tiny, but she found the biggest stick at the breeders house, and brought it up to them. Then i was born a little bit later and we called her Nurse Riley, cuz she was always by my side and protecting me. The breeder told my parent she would be a miniature, but it turns out she was a tweener (mix between large dachshund and miniature). Riley was a FAT dog. Her belly would barely rub the ground when she walked. She would always sit on her hind legs (even though it was really bad for her back) i remember one time, we went to a lake and she went to get a drink of water from the lake. She slipped and fell in, but she was so fat that she couldnt swim like a regular dog. She was stuck on her side swimming in circles. it was so cute. The vet told us because of her back, she wouldnt live past 10. When Riley was 13, she got a tumor on her neck. It wasnt cancerous, but it made i hard for her to breath. She kept on getting sicker and sicker until we finally had to put her down at the age of 14 :( i miss my Riley

here is a pic of her , before she got the tumor

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Haha…‘nurse Riley’ I bet she loved you very much. ;-)

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@madmax303 What a pretty face. @coloma I have so many stories- such great pets I’ve been privileged to have! My cat from the spca turned out to be a blue cream tortoiseshell. She was a little smaller, with a wider face and bier paws. She was a cuddler but had the most stuck-up, grumpy little face. She ruled the other cats and the dogs. She would sometimes sit in front of the feeding bowls just so the dogs had to wait a minute or 2. Big, black Lab sitting on his heinie waiting for her to stroll away. She was a cleaner, other cats, dogs, kids, me. Many mornings I woke up with one piece of hair sticking straight up after she tried to get hairspray off me. Her purr took me to sleep many nights. She lived to 19.

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Hahaha, I love it! Bless her stuck up little face.

Girl cats are such divas.

Yes, falling asleep to that purr, priceless.

I miss the way Gad would pat my face in the middle of the night.

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My long ago kitty would sit on top of our bookcase bed and gently tap at my ex-husband’s nose. All the funnier to us was that she didn’t want anything, Unless she was trying to figure out where the noise was coming from!!

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My sweet little dog Roxy was true to the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”. She truly was the most active, energetic busy-body around the area. What sticks to my mind was the evening when I found that someone in the family had given her liquer-filled chocolates. No matter what we ate, she would sit and count every morsel that went into the mouth. So, a family member had given her those chocs and she proceeded to puncture a tiny hole with her claw or inscisor and suck the liquer out of each choc and then throw the “empty” choc shell aside. She did this for a number of them and then sat back and licked her snout away contendedly.

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@ZEPHYRA and she didn’t eat the chocolate? my daughter’s lab ate a bunch of choc chips my daughter had in her room and puked lab size a few times!

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@faye heheheheheehehehehe, poor sod!

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My long gone old siamese Jerome hated my ex husband years ago. Pooped on his pillow once and..peed on his chest in bed one night. lololol

It was a sign I tell you!

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I had a beautiful cat , i loved her and when my mother was pregnant I had to give it to my relative I thought he would talk care of it but he put it in a box and threw it in the street in winter and i didn’t know expet after a month when i insisted on seeing it.

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I used to keep rats and one of my first was an incredibly friendly brown and white hooded rat called Betsy. She would climb on me, and always wanted to be as high as she could get so she would spend most of her time sitting on the top of my head. And she never, ever fell off.

@rere that is such a sad story. What a horrible man. :(

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That is the saddest thing ever…I have one word for that sort of evil…karma!

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@rere thats horrible :( im so sorry . some people in the world. i think he deserves to be put in a box and thrown in the street!

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Like most little boys growing up in the south, I desired a snake as a pet at one point. I was taken to a breeder to choose one and I went with the one that bit me first thing through the door. I felt like we had bonded. So, instead of getting sued for allowing an 8-year-old boy to get bit by one of his snakes, he made a sale.

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When I was a little girl about the same age there was a reptile pet shop near my house called..‘Jacks house of reptiles’. lol

I used to ride my bike over and ‘Jack’ would let me hold all the snakes while he cleaned the tanks.My mother would never allow me to have a snake…BUT…once I brought home a giant garter snake that had apparently just ingested a bullfrog…..while pleading with my mother to keep him it regurgitated the frog on her foot. hahaha

There were no more words at that point and I ran off to release the snake at the local park and creek.

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