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If you were offered the opportunity to view any ONE event from history, what would you choose?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) June 4th, 2010

Bear in mind that it has to be historical, an event which actually took place, and is documented. The crucifixion of Yeshua probably doesn’t count, for example, since the historical Yeshua, if he existed at all, is probably an amalgam of several Hebrew reformers and mystics.

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The madonna britney spears kiss…or the assasination of JFK

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Something with the founding fathers, maybe a important meeting or the like.

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The trial, execution and resurrection of Yeshua of Nazareth, if it actually occurred.

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Berlin 1936 Olympic games.Sitting on Hitler’s lap as Jesse Owens dismantled his warped arian ideals. His face when Owens won gold after gold must have been like a smacked arse, very gratifying to see, if only.

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The landing of the first Annunaki space ship on planet earth.
The crash of the alien spaceship in Roswell.

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It’s a little bit of a stretch on your parameters, but I would like to see the Americas (more specifically the plains and NE U.S.) prior to the arrival of Columbus. I’ve read that the indians used fire to landscape the forests and that they were almost parklike in the density of trees and “cleanliness” of the forest floor. There were also markers of civilization beyond what we typically imagine of the “noble savage” living in harmony with nature, such as sizeable villages and large earthen mounds. It would be interesting to see that society function.

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I would have to flip a coin. Either the crucifixion of the man that we currently know as Jesus Christ ( I have no stake in whether or not he had divine connections by the way ), or the Battle of Marathon.

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When Jesus rose from the dead… just to see if it really happened so all the bickering over it can end. Then again, who would believe me?

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Not an event as such but I would have liked to have seen Cleopatra just to see how beautiful she really was. Obviously hollywood has caused me to imagine Elizabeth Taylor whenever I think about Cleopatra but the busts that were made in her image were not as beautiful as we are lead to believe.

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The fall of Atlantis.

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The day I was born.

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The last day of the siege of Jericho by the Hebrews.

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I’d want to see the Cubs win. And resurrect Harry so I can take him with me.

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The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

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I guess I should answer this one myself. I’ve always been curious about what was discussed between Pope Urban and Batu Khan. The Golden Horde had conquered all of Asia, large portions of Eastern Europe, and stood poised to conquer the Holy Roman Empire. Then, after meeting with the Pope, Batu Khan turned around in 1255 and went home, taking his horde with him. What could Pope Urban possibly have said which convinced Batu Khan to give up his drive to conquer all of Europe?

(I discussed this once with a fundie acquaintance of mine, and his suggestion was that Urban told Batu Khan they both served the same Infernal Master. He wasn’t a big fan of Catholicism.)

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@SmashTheState Interesting. Sounds a lot like Pope Leo the Great confronting Attila the Hun, and convincing him to leave.

Anyways, I’d love to witness the moon landing, to be part of that culture, and to prove to all the nut cases that it actually happened.

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@Maximillian Mythbusters proved the photos were real.

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I saw that! I loved it. And yet, there are still die hard non-believers.

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How we came about.
Our true origins.

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