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I have taken two pregnany tests, both which said i was not pregnant. But my period is over a week late. Whats going on?

Asked by amandajaynne (4points) March 16th, 2008

I am not annorexic.
And ive always worked out atleast 5 times a week.

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your just having an irregular period.. nothing to be alarmed about if you’ve already taken the pregnancy tests… its happened to me too and its usually due to chemical imbalances in your body

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It happens. Don’t worry.

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try taking a clearblue pregnancy test, the kind that say “pregnant” or “not pregnant”
Ept tests are crap, clearblue are the only tests that have ever been accurate for me

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Have you changed strengths or birth control methods? Are you on any birth control? My girlfriends birthcontrol pills whack her period all over the place.

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Go to the doctor

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Don’t go to the doc. Don’t purchase more expensive pregnancy tests unless you’ve had unprotected sex recently.

Seriously. It happens. Irregular periods happen once in a while to every regular girl.

If you have more than one irregular period, of have odd itching, pain, or secretions go to the doc, otherwise its just an irregular period, and it happens.

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If you would be thrilled and prepared to be a parent, just assume “it happens” and it’s an irregular period. Everyone’s body is different. If you would be horrified and not able to welcome a baby, then check it out at clinic or Doctor’s. I never had an irregular period or skipped one from start (aged 12) to Menopause (aged 57) except for the times that I was pregnant. Why torment yourself?

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Assuming you have been regular (period schedule) and that you’ve had sex since your last period you might want to see a doctor (assuming that you really don’t want to be a parent). Was there something that happen to cause you to be really worried? I mean usually one pregnancy test usually settles everyone nerves but you took two?

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Delirium- you obviously don’t have any kids, a possible pregnancy is not something to ignore or wish away, if you ignore it you will regret it, and the $5 more for a better pregnancy test is nothing compaired to the $$$$$ you will spend on diapers and formula.

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<.< If she hasn’t had unprotected sex and has taken TWO tests, the statistical likelyhood of her actually being pregnant is just about nil.

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have you ever read the back of a box of condoms??? And as far as 2 pregnancy tests being enough, I took 6 pregnancy tests (3boxes) and all of them said – (not pregnant) and I also went to planned parenthood and took a test there and they also told me I was not pregnant, and yet my period still didn’t come a week later so
I bought a clearblue test and low and behold it said pregnant! So I went to my doctor and took a blood test and found out I was 2 1/2 months pregnant! So yeah you ignore it all you want but 2 tests don’t prove sh!t

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I’d say there’s a knot in your vagina that’s keeping the blood back inside you. Are you a contortionist?

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im not on birthcontrol. we use condoms most of the time and he always pulls out. i think ill take a clear blue to be on the safe side. no im not a damn contortionist. wtf? and it would be alot easier to go to my doctor but i cannot tell my parents about this. they’re hardcore church/purity/waiting. ive never been all that regular though.

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I’d say that it’s probably nothing, if you were to start getting morning sickness then you could go to a teen pregnancy help center? Most of those places have nominal fees for unscheduled teen walk ins, I’m sure they could verify for you.

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planned parenthood. thank you

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Yep, that one, but they have different names too, I can’t remember the one in my area, but there’s also a planned parenthood too.

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So, it’s been three weeks. Are you pregnant or not?

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Hey… better to contact doctor


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