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Why isn't there more outrage about the guy thinking of not hiring a woman because he wants to date her?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) June 4th, 2010

I was surprised about the low key response to that question. Isn’t that just about the purest form of sexual discrimination. How can women ever achieve equality with that kind of thinking and hiring practices in the workplace? Or, turn it around and put a woman doing the hiring and not choosing to hire a guy because she wants to date him. Think about it for a little. Either way it sucks.

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I think there was outrage; he got fairly roundly rebuked.

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I just can’t personally dredge up the sincerity for outrage. This whole sexual discrimination thing can run itself without me. I don’t know if I even bothered to answer that yesterday, since so many others seemed to have it covered. I would have suggested hiring her then mentoring and helping her get promoted far enough up the chain that dating would be an option.
It would mean him having to work for something on a long term basis but possibly appreciating it more.
But outrage? For a man thinking like a man? That would be like kicking a dog for barking. ;-)

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I think I exhibited my normal level of outrage. I called the idea immoral, repugnant, and illegal. What more would you like?

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I was annoyed. I also agree he got “roundly rebuked”.

At least he had the common sense to ask about it first (here on Fluther). I’d like to assume he takes the collective’s advice and does what is right.

We could track him down and beat him with wet noodles I suppose.

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I showed my outrage. I’m pretty low key though.
I did think it was kind of funny that he assumed she would go out with him. A little vain perhaps?

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I strongly suggested that he hire her, because that was why she came in—for a job not to date him.

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I guess I was surprised that more responses were subtle. And his question got 6 GQ’s. Why?
This from me after I ask for penis jokes. There’s a little irony.

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Maybe it shows that fluther is a more mature community and rather than bash someone senseless on a obvious answer, you could be assertive about it.Possibly make the person think that is the key.

I mean in many ways you’d likely end up fueling a flame to someone asking a question like that and get no where….You want more outrage? Maybe we need people to have a little more common sense and past it down.

And the GQ and even GA thing. Completely subjective to the person who decides and deems it of that. It is in quotations for a reason and should not be taken seriously in my opinion.

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Because the answer to the question is not the appropriate place to show one’s outrage. If you can’t phrase it in a civil, helpful manner, exercise some self-control and stay out of the thread. That’s what private messages are for.

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Dare I say that maybe we Jellies are getting more mature? Nah – that couldn’t possibly be it! I think there was the implication that the poster kind of knew the right answer and was being slightly tongue-in-cheek; but possibly not.

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Meh, The guy knew it was wrong. That’s why he asked. No action required.

It would have been interesting to see if the answers were different had the genders been reversed.

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