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What is a mangrove forest?

Asked by KiahKopulsky1 (7points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone


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google could help with this, but im in a good mood.

Mangroves are a type of tree that grows on water, and a mangrove forest is a large collection of these. They are endangered due to overfishing of various animals, which hide in the roots of the mangroves, so fishermen deforest the areas to get to the shrimps or whatnot. I read an article about them in National Geographic maybe last year, maybe longer ago. Their root networks provide a home to a lot of different types of animals, generally those that are prayed on, to escape larger animals who cannot fit through the roots. They grow in shallow saltwater areas, I believe, in tropical areas. I think there are some Mangrove forests in Florida, but also definitely in Southeast Asia, and some other areas.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about any of this, Fluther community.
Here is a link to the wikipedia article on mangroves , which I did not read, but Im sure has a lot of additional or more correct information, as well as pictures. You may want to try a wikipedia (or other online-encyclopedia) search for questions like this in the future.

Also, please remember to add tags to your questions in the “Topics” field, so that people will have relevant questions directed to them. Tags for this could have been: “Mangrove, Forest, Mangrove Forest, tropics, deforestation,” and perhaps what little else you could think of about mangroves that might help direct the question to the right experts in the community.

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