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Is it not amazing what a great mood everyone is in on Friday?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15315points) June 4th, 2010

Been here off and on most the morning and everyone is telling jokes, giving lots of lurves, etc..

Friday are the biggest thing I miss….when i was working, loved Friday! Now, shucks…just another day! but, having said that, do not want to return to work! Like my job now!

How does your Friday’s effect you?

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I like Fridays just fine but they have no bearing on my mood (I work 6-days a week – Sundays off). I try and be in a good mood most days anyway.

Today I’m fairly perky despite the fact that it’s like a swamp here in Boston. 145% humidity it feels like. ugh

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@cprevite wow…that is very unusual for Boston! It is hot and humid here also…but, that goes with the territory this time of the year!

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Hot and humid here also, but I’m going to brave it to go sunbathe on my deck.
I’m in a happy mood because it’s Friday! I’m usually in a happy mood the other 6 days as well.

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TGIF, yes, sirrrrrrrrrrrr.

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I’m a TGIfer. Penile enhancement for me.

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have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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Friday is pretty great, although this Friday is going to be spent studying for finals. Not to mention El Nino has made it so it’s June and it’s still cloudy and rainy here. Oh well, at least it’s warm.

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For a farmer. Friday is just another day.

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Well I love every day, rain or shine, but perhaps for other people it has something to do with the weather or time of year.
I am fortunate to work from home, but I do always wish for good weather at the weekend for those who go out to work. Friday must be a good day because there is the weekend to look forward to. Spending time together as a family, going out places and having fun… oh and taking your dogs for a walk :-)))))))

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@partyparty always the positive lady…a very good thing!

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@BoBo1946Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone’. So I always smile, smile smile and I get positivity back (well most of the time).
Anyway the sun is shining today 22 degrees wow, and I am out in the garden planting up my seedlings and my dogs are at my side. What more could I want? :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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22 degrees…where do you live MsP?

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My Friday started off pretty good until I returned to my car and someone had opened their door and put a small dent in mine. White paint on a black car.

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@BoBo1946 In the UK. Don’t you consider 22degrees to be warm? It is a stupendous temperature for us at this time of year. (Back to 15 degrees on Monday so I am making the most of this sunshine). What is the temperature where you are?

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oh… are referring to Celcius! It’s 90 degrees here today…Farenheit!

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@BoBo1946 Ah yes, sorry we calculate in celcius. Just worked out it is 71.6F here. But we almost always have a lovely breeze because we are on the moors.
Gosh it must be warm in the height of summer where you are. Great golfing weather though I suppose LOLL!!

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that is a perfect day MsP! Very hot here…got to run…take care!

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