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Fun "experience" gift for a 2 year old?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) June 4th, 2010

My best friend’s baby is turning two in a couple weeks, and my husband and I want to give him (and subsequently his parents) an experience gift. Like we would take him to the zoo or whatever. His has a million brightly colored plastic toys, and we want to give them a gift as well as they just had a new baby. He goes to the zoo all the time, so we want something a bit different. We live in Seattle, if that helps.

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Is there a Build-A-Bear near you?
What about an indoor jumpy place?

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Build-A-Bear is tons of fun, but can get a bit pricey. The animal itself, without stuffing or clothes, can be as much as $30.

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@ChocolateReigns True, but that doesn’t seem obscene for a best friend’s child to me. Zoo admission, train ride, lunch, etc can be at least that much.

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The Seattle center has a children’s museum that is fun, although two might be a bit young. There is another in Olympia that might be fun—right across from the Capitol. Also in Seattle is a little park at University Village for younger children. And in Volunteer park, a great wading pool for young children, when it finally gets warm (will that ever happen?). Thinking about this, though, the “experience” for a two year old is just being with you and being happy. Going to the beach on Lake Washington and playing in the sand might do the trick.

A great gift that my grandchild has enjoyed for countless hours are “magnitiles” with which she builds endless different designs. The age for enjoyment of this will stretch throughout childhood.

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You live on a coast. Take him fishing. The interesting thing about fishing is that catching fish tends to be almost an anti-climax. The fun part tends to be everything surrounding the fishing: getting up in the darkness before morning, hunting for the worms with a flashlight and a spade, finding a good, secluded spot where fish are likely to hide, and then quiet, ruminative conversation until they start biting. And if you’re lucky enough to actually catch something, I promise you that a live, flapping fish will be the most astounding thing a two year old has ever seen. And if you’re adventurous, you can show the kid how a fish is gutted and cleaned, teaching what’s likely an urbanized youngster the reality that “meat” doesn’t grow in styrofoam in a supermarket cooler.

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The kid most likely will not remember the event when they are older so I would just him to a park with lots of slides and swings or the beach and let him play in the sand. Give the parents the afternoon off which is something they will remember! lol!

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Is there an aquarium near you? We had a membership to the aquarium the year my son turned 2 and we all loved to go. Or maybe a day at an amusement park?

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We’ve been taking our little ones to Chuck E Cheese. They love it.

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