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What could be the female issue?

Asked by Facade (22902points) June 4th, 2010

I’ve had nausea around the same time every day for almost three weeks now. The home pregnancy test was negative. My periods have been way early (last time it came within 20 days of the previous) and way late (this time it came on the 2nd of June after ending on the 26th of April). I haven’t made any drastic changes in my lifestyle.

Any experience with this?
What should I be doing?

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My advice would be to call your lady-parts doctor and schedule an appointment to make sure all systems are in good working order. Your doctor can probably give you much better advice than we can since s/he is familiar with you, your body, your history, and medicine.

Actually, edited to say, tell the nurse your symptoms and see if they think it is worth scheduling an appointment over.

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Is the perioid normal? Normal cramping?

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It’s time to see the doctor. Have you had any cramping? Ectopic pregnancies can mimic an actual pregnancy with “morning sickness” while giving you a negative pregnancy test result.
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@EmpressPixie I don’t have my regular gyno since I moved. I’ve been meaning to make an appointment with another to check on other things….
@JLeslie Normally horrible, yes.

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Are you having unprotected sex?

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@Facade: Sounds like now is a perfect time to make that appointment.

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@JLeslie With my boyfriend, yes.

@Merriment That hadn’t even crossed my mind. Scary. I guess I’ll make an appointment

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Well, possibly you have had some chemical pregnancies. Pregnancies that have failed. I think a trip to the doctor might be in order. When I had an ectopic I bled, but did not cramp normally, and my pregnancy tests were positive. @Merriment I didn’t see on your link where it says pregnancy tests would be negative? If you have pain on one side, you should run not walk to the doctor. Otherwise, make an appointment to be seen in the next couple of weeks.

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@JLeslie I’ve had pain on one side previously but not recently.

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@JLeslie – I know. That was my own personal experience that included a negative pregnancy test and cramping.

@Facade The cramping pain is more painful in the beginning of an ectopic pregnancy and then there is a lull before the most painful full-blown storm of a rupture.

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@Merriment I don’t keep track of the pain, I just wait until it’s over lol

I have an appointment for Monday, so we’ll see what happens.

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What is this time of day you get icky and are you doing in the 4 hours prior to this nausea spell? Is it the same thing every day or does it vary??

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@Cruiser Around 1–2 pm. I’m normally asleep 4 hours before. It’s the same every day.
Edited: It’s not really a “spell.” I’m nauseous all day until I can take care of it later.

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@Facade I have had the same symptoms. My diagnosis was endometriosis.

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@Facade I am going to punt and wait to hear what the doc has to say. Best wishes!

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@tinyfaery Good to know that this may not be another undiagnosed issue to add to my list.

@Cruiser Thanks

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What about birth control? It’s a probable cause.

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@Snersy I’m not on any. Why would anyone be on it if it could cause these symptoms? Yikes

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Go to the doctor.

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The nausea could just be a coincidence of what you eat during that time of the day or how much you eat.
As for the cycle it could be a number of things from cysts to fibroids to cancer to pregnancy, to hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, you name it. See a doctor. You can guess all day but you’ll never know without getting a physical.

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